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May 27, 2007 12:22 AM

Best Inexpensive Brunch in Manhattan?

Looking for a good brunch somewhere S of 14th Street. Any suggestions?

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  1. Westville - brunch served on Sat & Sun only. Starts at 10am. Get there early cause it quickly gets packed and is a tiny place. Great, fresh ingredient oriented brunch items and quite inexpensive. I love the turkey hash and eggs.

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    1. re: billyeats

      Gets my vote every time.

      I'd add:
      Odessa or Ukrainian National Home
      Cornelia Street Café
      Sacred Chow
      Elephant and Castle

    2. I always recommend Clinton St. Baking Company, at 4 Clinton St. near Houston. Breakfast on weekdays, brunch on weekends. Perfect pancakes and biscuits; prices are reasonable. Can be crowded on weekends.

      1. How inexpensive is inexpensive? $10?

        'ino does brunch with an entree coffee or tea, and juice for $11. 9th Street Market does something similar: $11.95 for an entree, coffee, and juice. Ditch Plains is also very cheap if you don't do too many add-ons.

        1. I'd suggest Cafe Mogador, especially if you can go on a weekday. You have more choices on weekends, but if you must go on a weekend, at least get there early, because it gets mobbed at peak times on weekends.