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May 26, 2007 11:11 PM

Soft Pretzels?

Is there any place to get soft pretzels in Montreal? The only place I can think of off the top of my head is the chain inside the concession area of the Paramount, um...I'd rather not. Anywhere else? I made the mistake of watching a show about them on the food network and I'm sort of craving one.

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  1. Fairmount Bagel makes them, though not in great quantity. If it's a hike for you, you might want to call ahead.

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    1. re: Mr F

      Atlantique (corner of Queen Mary & Cote des Neiges) had them when I was there a few weeks back - I assume they stock them regularly - and they were pretty good.

      1. re: cherylmtl

        I'll have to check this place out too.

        1. re: cherylmtl

          I tried one of the Atlantique soft pretzels today and they were pretty good. Two of them ended up costing $2.70 which is not a lot. I would like to try one from Petit Munich but i doubt i'll make the trip to the west island for one.

        2. re: Mr F

          Thank you! I did indeed call ahead but they seemed to think I was a bit crazy for doing so. So desperate was I for a pretzel that I decided to make the hike (literally! I walked for an hour before I gave up and got on a bus--I'm willing to suffer for my precious pretzels) and I was in luck. Fairmount was out of poppy seed bagels when I arrived (!) but they had plenty of pretzels and I got one warmed up and ate it right on the steps. I'd give you a review was just so desperate that I couldn't play the unbiased critic.

          1. re: janetmweiss

            "I did indeed call ahead but they seemed to think I was a bit crazy for doing so."

            And yet if you hadn't you might well have found them down to a single stone-cold pretzel or none at all, which seems to be the usual situation when I go there...

            1. re: Mr F

              I tried it the other day, and It was tasty, but so far from what I like in Pretzels. It was a sweet dough, Basicaly a bagel shaped as a pretzel, I would love to find a real german pretzel in montreal, I Imagine I could find one at ptit munich (west island) but I guess I am not that desperate yet. PS, I was in Scotiabank theater last night, and was too scared to even try a Wetzel's (at 3.50 to top it off).

              1. re: Fortheloveofit

                Atlantique is a German deli/depanneur. They make their own pretzels and IMHO are much better than Ptit Munich. Often times they are still warm when I buy them.

                1. re: mammab

                  Petit Munich is also authentic german and I find theirs much better than Atlantique- but don't get me wrong, I like Atlantique's. I just happen to have a soft spot for all the breads I can buy at PM and their rolls studded with raisins. Oh yeah, did I mention the Stollen at Xmas time???? Hmmmmm

                2. re: Fortheloveofit

                  the Petit Munich pretzels are the real German / bavarian ones, 99 cents each - very good
                  never tried the ones from Atlantique, but they should the real deal as well

          2. Mrs. S --- I got htm at the local 'Food Bank' in November and fell in love with 'Pretzel Bread' --- They come in usually in November if that's where you're going !!!---
            Sure wish I knew a place on the 'West Island' of Montreal !!!---

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            1. re: Questscape

              Suzy's Bakery in the West Island has decent soft pretzels baked on location along with other German treats.

              15450 Boulevard Pierrefonds