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May 26, 2007 10:11 PM

Good eats around Sutton Place?

My wife and I am going to Chicago for four days in July and would like recommendations as to where to feast sumptuously around my hotel. The Sutton Place is located on Bellevue. Steak, seafood, Italian, romantic, unique, eclectic...any of the above will do. Help me chowsters!

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  1. For sumptuous-romantic-Italian, Spiaggia is close by. Excellent food, but it's formal (jackets required) and very expensive. Great splurge, though.

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    1. You are in the heart of the Gold Coast neighborhood and there are plently of restaurants in walking distance. These include but are not limited to Gibson's (steak; literally across the street from your hotel), Spiaggia, Saloon (steak), Avenues (Peninsula Hotel; fine dining), NoMi (Park Hyatt Hotel), Merlo (romantic Italian), Bistro Zinc (french bistro); Hugo's (seafood; next to Gibsons); Carmine's (Italian; 1/2 block away) -- most if not all of these places have websites so you can check out the menu. There are lots more; some more information about what you are looking for might enable others to give more specific recommendations.

      1. Pane Caldo on Walton has really good northern type Italian