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May 26, 2007 08:16 PM


Am going there on friday. Anybody been there? Any recommendations or comments?

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  1. i've been numerous times. frankly, i'm always surprised at how easy it is to rack up a check there. the menu is standard bistro fare, the wine list lacks interest (they have no cellar: all the bottles are behind the bar, baking in the sun all day...) or depth, and the service is either harried or disinterested. add in a miniscule bar, and i can think of lots of other places i'd rather go.

    1. I have generally found Aquitane to be fine, but not fantastic the two times I have been there for dinner. I really liked the salad (it involved apples and frissee) I had last time I was there. I had the sole one time and a salmon dish with lima beans another time. Both times the fish was well prepared, but slightly bland. A few dining companions have had the steak frites and seemed to like them quite a lot so I think maybe that would be a good way to go.

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          put this on your overhyped, overpriced, and beginning to feel like a "bistro chain" restaurant list. there is no real sensibility operating in any of the restaurants owned by this group. just a slightly upscale paparazzie

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            I concur, they're fabulous-extremely rich, but definitely worth the calories.

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              Joanie seems to know everything that's good and she is right. The mussels are quite delicious and the sauce they are in is great with the bread, soak it up. The warm beat salad is very good too.

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                I wish I knew about everything that's good, but I can't imagine not liking those mussels. You add a lot of extra calories cuz you can't not take a ton of bread to sop up the broth. So good.

            2. I like this place better than most posters here. Great atmosphere, generally really excellent service, respectable (if somewhat Americanized) French bistro food. I don't love their version of steak frites (I think that truffle vinaigrette is a little overpowering), but mostly the food is quite solid. I agree that the wine list could be better, and think that the bartending is annoyingly inconsistent.

              I think the suggestion that this place and its Aquitaine Group siblings are approaching Back Bay Restaurant Group (Papa Razzi, Joe's, Bouchee, et. al.) territory is way off base. Aquitaine, Metropolis, and Union are mostly very consistent, mostly high-quality performers, and better values than many South End venues, if not particularly dazzling on the plate. (I'm not so high on Aquitaine Bis or Armani Cafe.) I'm very curious to see what they do with The Gaslight.

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                I love Aquitaine because it's open for lunch on weekdays - a rarity in the South End.

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                  and a great brunch too on the weekends with fabulous french toast, and lots of not just pancakes and eggs options.My favorite, a pressed sandwich with gruyere and duck confit, yum!

                  1. re: lovechild

                    I love Aquitaine because they've added an entree for vegetarians - vegetarian frites. Delicious.

                    1. re: jpcat

                      Thanks for the info, although I am slightly concerned about some of the negative feedback, I am still going and will let you know what I think.

              2. It's all about the Filet au Poivre. WOW.

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                1. re: phipsi102

                  I am going in a few hours and that is definitely on my radar. Thanks for the rec.

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                    Not bad, not bad. I told them it was my girlfriend's birthday and they gave us a nice table in the window and even gave her a birthday card signed by the staff. I thought that was a nice touch. The service was fine, no complaints there and the food was good, not great. Nice mussells as an appertizer and I had the staek frites, which I enjoyed, and my GF had a pork tenderloin dish that was nicely done as well. I was not wowed by the experience and probably won't rush back, but it was good and I would return if something brought me that way again.