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May 26, 2007 07:57 PM

Maraschino liqueur?

Quite a few classic cocktails call for Maraschino liqueur, but I've been unable to find it - unless I am not looking for the right thing. Any local sources and/or brands I should be looking out for? Couldn't find it at Martignetti's (Soldier's Field) or Kappy's (in Alewife) recently for example... thanks!

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  1. Hm, I got a bottle at Martignetti's a few months ago. They could have just been temporarily out when you stopped in, I'd give them a call and check it out. It's a brand called Stock (yeah, I know, not totally awe-inspiring, I'm sure there are better brands out there, but it's totally serviceable in things like Aviation cocktails when I'm craving one).

    1. I haven't found it that hard to find. I have both the Stock and the Luxardo brands: either will do in the amounts called for in most cocktail recipes, but I think the Luxardo is tastier. I got them both at Martignetti's (Brighton). I'd also look at Blanchard's or Marty's in Allston.

      1. I just saw this yesterday at the liquor store in the Porter Square shopping mall. I did have to ask for help to find it. It's on a bottom shelf and I wasn't really sure what I was looking for. Maybe pull up some pictures of bottles online to make it easier to find in stores?

        1. There's also a Croatian brand, Maraska.

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            Thanks for all the replies!

            I stand corrected - was at Martignetti's today and they have both Stock and Luxardo. I swear I looked high and low for it the last time I was there, but must not have been high or low enough.

          2. I got some Luxardo brand Maraschino at the Wine Gallery in Brookline last year. Coincidentally, it's their "featured spirit" on their website this month.