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May 26, 2007 07:36 PM

Another satisfying SF 'Wichcraft experience

Why is this place always empty? Is it the location on Mission St. instead of Market, or the fact that it's not in the actual food court of the Westfield Center? We just got back from having an early light dinner there after shopping at the new SF mall and were the only patrons besides another couple. And, it's open till 9PM. Of course, the food concourse inside the mall was a complete madhouse, and so far, from my experience, the food in the actual food court is not that great. But, this was my second time at 'Wichcraft and I was just as happy as the first. Great sandwich (grilled gruyere on rye), nice staff, thoughtful touches, even a tumbler of decent rose to take the edge off from shopping. The decor is pleasingly spartan, too. Anyway, just curious as to why more people aren't eating there (I was there during the lunch rush once too and it was pretty quiet). Maybe not everyone knows who Tom Colicchio is and why you'd want to patronize one of his restaurants. I wish there were more places like this around.

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  1. There was a recent good report on Wichcraft however they didn't have their act together at opening and the food was pricy. Why would people want to patronize Tom Colicchio's restaurants? Is there some reason other than the way the food tastes?

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      Yeah, I think the widespread reports of sandwiches that were supposed to be hot served cold and so on surely discouraged business. Recent reports suggest they've got their act together.

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        The first time I had the chopped chickpea sandwich, which was delicious and a refreshing departure from typical hummus. My sister and I shared it (we just wanted a snack) and they were very gracious and gave us each a bag of the chips that come with each sandwich and split our side salad into two plates--pretty good service for what is basically a gourmet sandwich counter. Last night, my husband got the pork sandwich and I had the lentil soup and a grilled gruyere with carmelized onions on rye. It really tasted like French onion soup but as a sandwich--absolutely delicious. My soup and sandwich were perfectly hot (I like my food piping hot when it's supposed to be), and the pork sandwich was, too.

        I like Colicchio from the Top Chef series and remember when the opening of this place in SF was part of one of the competitions. I remember that Harold (Season 1 winner) created one of the menu items as a prize. I just like Colicchio's attitude about food, flavors and customer service. The lentil soup was pureed (which is rare), and the chickpea sandwich had preserved lemons--thoughtful details that seem very Colicchio. Sure, it's not as cheap as a sandwhich from Lee's deli, but to me, worth it (and certainly not that pricey compared to most places in SF).