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Oct 18, 2005 02:17 PM

San Leandro Lunch?

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Currently working in San Leandro for about 4 months. Any ideas for lunch? I'm off of Davis Street near the rail road tracks. Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Paradiso on Bancroft is pretty good. Hang out in Pelton Plaza -- some good taquerias, japanese and etc. there.


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    1. re: Cecelia

      I lived there for 2 yrs & finding good food was next to impossible. There's a place near pelton plaza..across from the Safeway called Sergio's. Decent pizza & sandwiches. Good chicken caesar salad.

      1. re: rose

        Lived there for 4 years and found a great sushi place on East 14th, Tsuru Sushi. Also the best carne asada enhiladas near Merced Ave, La Pinata.

      2. re: Cecelia

        I second Paradiso. I had a good meal there. I had the buttered scallops and my cousin ordered the rack of lamb. Both dishes were good. I'm kinda biased because it was the only spot in San Leandro that I ate at. But hey, it was good so I'm going to recommend it to you.


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        Robert Lauriston

        My dad lives there. For lunch I think he likes Emil Villa's and Luke's Grill.

        Here's a local's Web site with a pretty complete list:


            1. Thanks. So far tried Los Pericos. Nice to find a decent tacqueria. Next up is Joaquin Deli.