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May 26, 2007 07:07 PM

Best fish & chips in an English pub downtown?

We are hockey players from St. Louis in town for a tournament and will be very hungry after our games. I'd like your recommedation please for a great pub downtown (preferably in the club district) that server a variety of draft beer and has great fish and chips. The F&C places I have read about on this site sound fantastic, but most don't seem to server beer. Bonus points for hockey memorabilia. Anyway, we want to kick back and have a good meal. Thanks, and Go Leafs!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Elephant and Castle Pub on King Street just west of University is at the start of the club and theatre district and has a great selection of beers, both british and Canadian and serves pretty good fish and chips. I personally preder their meat loaf with garlic mashed potatoes, but that is because I have an aversion to anything that contains 40 grams of fat in the average serving! Still, a hockey play could burn that off in one game, no doubt. You will find that most bars and pubs hac F&C on their menu. Another decent place for F&C , but not in Club land per se, is Fionn McCools, at the corner of Church and Front streets, which is next door to the Bier Markt. While I don't recomment the food at Bier Markt, which hypes itself as a Belgian style bistro (it isn't) the selection of beers is amazing.

      It will serve you well to remember also that you can only buy beer to take back to your hotel room from the Beer store here in Ontario. There is one conveniently located on Queen Street West at Augusta. Liquor stores sell it too but have a limited selection.

      Have fun and tell me where you went when you get back.

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        thought Id bump this post, any other suggestions about good fish and chips in pubs/restaurants (not fish and chips take out spots)?

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          The larger Liquor Control Board stores have a decent selection of imported beers, and are good for browsing, unlike most Beer Stores, which are not very customer oriented. The LCBO brings in items that the Beer Store tries to restrict, as not fitting their efficiency model, or profit motive.

        2. I agree with Higgette about Bier Markt - good selection of beers, but the food is unremarkable, the atmosphere too loud for convo, and any claim to Belgianness is fraud. As for fish and chips in the club district, the Duke of Argyle on John St (actually part of the Imago chain) was OK - acceptable but not brilliant. The unfortunate thing about the club district is that there aren't many good places to eat, period. If you're willing to go east of Yonge, The House on Parliament (Parliament south of Carlton), which flirts with being a gastro pub, does a pretty good fish & chips: a single, but thick, piece of fish, and not greasy at all. Their menu is quite good, but generally it's better to turn your attetion to the specials, especially Thurs-Sat (but still good though the week). Also very English - they do an excellent roast beef on Sundays (bread pudding dessert included - how English is that?). I'd like to read your response, where you ended up going, and your impressions, fish & chip, and otherwise. Good luck in the tournament!

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              Many thanks for your descriptive responses, all. I will let you know. Can't wait to get back to TO. Cheers!

            2. If you are willing to go out of the club district like hungry_pangolin suggested, Allens on the danforth has pretty good fish and chips as well (but I agree, House on Parliament's fish is really good)

              1. The Duke of York pub has great fish & chips - if you're willing to go to the Yorkville area.

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                  The Bottom Line will cover you off for Hockey Memorabilia and they do serve F&C and draft beer. It isn't however a pub, they refer to themselves as the " classiest sports bar in TO"