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May 26, 2007 06:48 PM

Five Nights in Dallas, please help make it delicious

I'll be in Dallas from June 5th to June 10th by myself for work, and I'm hoping with all of your help to line up some fun, tasty meals. I have never spent much time in Dallas but know it must have some serious local flavor and I want to taste it.

I have looked through the boards here and found some good recommendations but I'm not sure the lay of the land down there.

I will be staying at the Hilton Anatole on Stemmons Freeway and would love some recommendations for dinners around $30 or less. I love Mexican and BBQ and am willing to try just about anything, so long as it's memorable.

I apologize if these questions are constantly asked, if someone just drops me some names I can search the boards for more info.

Thank You!

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  1. My first and strongest recommendation, especially with your price range, would be one of my favorite places, "La Duni Latin Kitchen and Bakery" located not far from your hotel on Oak Lawn and Wycliff...Wonderful! I go there often...Don't miss their drinks and dessert...They have what I consider to be the best cakes in Dallas, as well as delicious food and drinks...For Mexican, "RJ Mexican Cuisine" is in the West End, near your hotel, and is very good...My personal favorite is "Rafa's" which is not all that far from you as well...For BBQ, "Sammy's" is downtown and very, very well as the original Sonny Bryans, on Inwood, not far from you, where a delicious BBQ sandwich can be had in a very basic, almost rural atomosphere..but the food is still wonderful...If you can afford to splurge on a meal, then I would have to suggest my overall favorite restaurant, also not very far from you, which would probably put you over the $30 or less mark, but is absolutely over the top delicious, "Hibiscus"...This would require a reservation, but trust me, it is well worth it...Other places that come to mind is "Breadwinners" on Mckinney, where a very nice meal can be had at a reasonable price and my favorite seafood "New Orleans" type restaurant on Mckinney, " S & D Oyster Company"...Very delicious shrimp, oysters, gumbo, hushpuppies...can't go wrong here..again, not far from your hotel...There is a lot of great eating in Dallas, if you know where to go...Hope you enjoy these suggestions!

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      i absolutely second, third, and fourth la duni. as mentioned above, you have to save room for their amazing desserts. i miss their quatro leches cake like nothing else from that city.

    2. Cuquita's (Mexican)
      Sammy's (BBQ)
      Zaguan's (Latin American)
      La Duni (Latin American)
      Seoul Garden (Korean)
      Yutaka Sushi Bistro (Sushi)
      Teppo (Sushi and yakotori skewers)
      Angry Dog (Burgers)
      Daza's or Crustacean's (Southern/Soul)
      Hattie's (Southern)
      Coal Vine's (Pizza)

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        Fantastic! Thank you both so much for throwing some names and recomendations my way. I've got to admit I'm not thrilled to leave Vermont, for Texas in June, but this will certainly help make the trip more enjoyable!

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          If you are from Vermont, then you should definitely take advantage of the abundance of Mexican food and Southwestern influences on local cuisine. You will find lots of options in the Oak Lawn and Uptown areas which are not far from your hotel. I like jinet12's suggestions and I would add:
          Avila's (Mexican)
          Stephen Pyles (Southwestern, upscale, a splurge)
          Eatzi's (gourmet market, counter service with huge selections, great for purchasing lunches or snacks to keep in your hotel room)

      2. For creative Mexican, I'd go to Cafe San Miguel on Henderson, a mile down from 75. Try their house speciality - a Pomerita (pomegranate margarita). Their fish tacos are amazing, as is everything else on their menu. My friends from Philly were in town for a week earlier this month, and of all the places we took them for dinner, this was their favorite.

        1. If the $30 or less does NOT included alcohol, then you'll be able to enjoy most places in Dallas. Unfortunately, I have a crisis of the liver almost every nite and can't think of a single decent place where the tab would be less than $30.

          But I'm assuming these places would work:

          Hibiscus (give you an idea of the "Dallas" scene)
          Bob's (get one of the less expensive steaks and one a la carte side - it'll be plenty of food)
          Asian Mint (Yum!)
          Luna de Noche is a good local, Tex-Mex chain
          Trece (upscale Mexican regional - a bit pricey but a decent enough "scene")

          1. I would also suggest LaDuni, Cafe San Miguel, Asian Mint & Hatties. Also, if you like chicken fried steak or fried chicken, I'd recommend Babe's Chicken House. For about $7.99 you can get your entree and a bunch of sides and have some money leftover for a splurge on another night. If you have some time and want to check out Fort Worth, I'd suggest Angelo's for barbeque. Their food is really good and it's a pretty unique place.

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              I recommend Babe's 100%. We started going to the original locaction out in Richmond, TX partly out of ignorance to the one 3 blocks away from us and partly because we thought there was no way to replicate it without messing it up. We were wrong, wrong, worng. the Belt Line / 35 area location is amazing. The original has two choices and no menu Fried Chicken or Chicken Fried steak. The Carrolton location adds smoked chicken that has a very flavorful rub and some of the best fried catfish around. I could eat their biscuits with sorgum by the dozens, and have been guilty in the past of doing just that. This is as down-home as it gets.
              In Deep Ellum, Twisted Roots is the best burger in DFW. Huge burgers, skip the fries and get their handmade sweet potato chips and a milk shake. If that didn't make you explode get a side of fried maccaroni and cheese. They also make their own root beer which is the best next to La Kings in Galveston.
              The original Campisi's (egyptian Room) Italian Restaurant is famous in these parts for some of the best pizza and pasta dishes around. The inside looks like a sopranos episode, which is probably why they filmed an episode there. neat atmoshpere and a Dallas staple.
              Lastly, Trader Vic's for cocktails. It is housed in the bottom floor of the new Palomar Hotel off 75. The story goes that they invented the Mai-Tai at their original location. they are back now with an amazing Tiki restaurant that is so much fun to look at, you may forget you are in there to eat or drink. I suggest drinks because the food is a little high for Dallas, but understandable given the look of the restaurant.
              None of these choices are gonna break the bank, but they may break your belt.