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May 26, 2007 06:17 PM

fave byob's in mercer/hunterdon nj for birthday?

Been to Hamilton's in L'ville, Matt's in Flemington, Ota Ya in L'ville...all my fav's for BYOB. Does anyone have suggestions for new places to try in the general area? Anyone been to the Blue Bottle in Hopewell? I'd love to bring a small group for a birthday celebration to a place with some energy and atmosphere. Would appreciate ideas...Thanks.

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  1. I was going to suggest the Blue Bottle, it is terrific! Be sure to leave room for dessert, as the wife of the chef/owner is a pastry chef and the desserts are great. I would go back in a second. Have fun.

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      1. When it comes to Mercer County, my geography gets a little shaky. Nevertheless, here's a list of some of the BYOs in Hunterdon and Mercer (I think). I have not been to all of them but of the ones I have, Manon and The Ferry House rank as faves.

        Lawrenceville Inn, Lawrenceville
        Acacia, Lawrenceville
        Gennaro's, Princeton
        Casola's, Califon
        Ixora, Whitehouse Station
        Blue Point Grill, Princeton
        The Ferry House, Princeton
        Manon, Lambertville
        Fedora Cafe, Lawrenceville
        Ajihei, Princeton
        Il Mulino, Flemington
        Fusion on Main, Flemington
        Za, Pennington

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          Hi ambrose -

          What kind of food is served at Za?

          Il Mulino in Flemington - have you been there recently? We haven't gone there in ages. Our experiences in the past weren't great - but that was a looong time ago - maybe it's better now?


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            Haven't been to Za yet, but some friends in Hopewell have been several times and saly it's very good. One is a real foodie, so I totally would believe it is as good as she says.

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              Za is one of the restaurants I have not been to. Like mschow, I have heard good things about this place and the reviews I've seen were uniformly good. The one negative I've heard is that Za does not take reservations (I plan to go on a week night).

              I believe they change their menu frequently so I don't know if what's on their web site is current. Nevertheless, here it is:


              1. re: ambrose

                Thank you! I'm going to make it a point to try it. Re: the lack of reservations - yep, that's what we do most of the time anyway - almost always go out on a weeknight instead of Friday/Saturday. We prefer this because it's almost always quieter and more relaxed, the service is usually better, and they don't run out of stuff as often.

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                  We ate at Za several months ago and the food was quite good but we thought the prices were high for the quality. If you are going to spend that much you can do better without traveling too far.

            2. I appreciate all your suggestions. I think it's going to be Blue Bottle...Can't wait. Thanks!!!

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                I think you'll be very happy with Blue Bottle. My parents have eaten there a few times and always rave. Unfortunately they were closed for my birthday in January and we couldn't get a reservation for my mother's birthday in April. I'm still waiting patiently to try it since I've heard nothing but good things.