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May 26, 2007 06:04 PM

The Wreck or The Anchor Line near Charleston?

I'll be in the Charleston area this July. I've heard good things about the fried seafood at both The Wreck and The Anchor Line.

We'll be with our 3 1/2-year-old twins (who do like to eat out). So, if you could only do one of these places, which would it be?

I want good, fresh, fried fish (or shellfish), and a place thar our family will have a good time at. Suggestions???

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  1. Unfortunately, the Anchor Line closed. It was a sad day.

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      Wow...I didn't know that. We actually drove into the parking lot last summer, but the kids were getting fussy so we didn't stay. We should have eaten there when we had the chance. Oh well.

      Any suggestions about decent places in the Charleston area to eat with kids?

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        Since you're driving, I see plenty of kids at Boulevard Diner, which has great food, is not expensive, and with its own parking lot. In Mt. Pleasant, closed Sundays.

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        The Wreck should close. Skip Hymans. I second on the Boulevard Diner. Gilligan's is okay.

      3. I've never been to the Wreck, but as an alternative, I recommend driving 15 minutes north on Highway 17 past Mt. Pleasant (where Wreck is) to Seewee Restaurant. Awesome she-crab soup there, and great fried seafood. Featured in Southern Living Magazine:

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          The Marina Variety Store is a favorite of our kids. Breakfast is the best, but at lunch they do a good fried shrimp, among other things. Some of the slightly more touristy places are also very kid friendly -- Noisy Oyster, Crab House, A.W. Shucks, Gilligan's, etc. Hyman's is not recommended on principle.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions...please keep them coming!

          Been to Gilligans & I agree with's just OK. Our kids' meal was microwaved frozen pizza!

          I thought the Marina Variety Store was a little better. Great onion rings, but the other food was just OK. I didn't have the experience that many others at CH have. Service with a "y'all ain't from around here are yew" attitude didn't make the meal any better. Maybe it was just an off day.

          The Boulevard Diner sounds intesresting. We'll be in Seabrook Island so that might be a bit far away.

          Has anyone tried Chez Fish? We bought fish from their store once & it was good quality, but I'm curious about the actual restaurant.

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          1. re: LMT

            We were in that neck of the woods two weekends ago and I do believe The Anchor Line is open. We didn't get a chance to stop but they were either open, or someone was having a parking lot party there. We also ate at the Wreck and loved it, as usual.

            So many of the places around the Market to me are too touristy, too overpriced, too crowded, and the food just isn't that great. I'd skip Hyman's, Noisy Oyster, AW Shucks, etc. Granted, it's not seafood, but the wings at Wild Wing are pretty good and there's enough music, TV's, stuff on the walls, etc. to keep the kids entertained. There's also a candy store down near the market that the kids will probably love - it's one of those places where you get to fill your own giant pixy stix, which I always thought was pretty darn cool when I was a kid. :-)

            I've always liked the Charleston Crab House and had good experiences there.

          2. Went with a big group to the Anchor Line the last time we were in Folly (2 yrs ago) after having heard raves - I've heard it's closed now, but honestly, none of us liked it at all. It was a sea of styrofoam and not even a cold one to have with the fried fish. The hushpuppies were dreadful. If it is indeed back, I hope it's better.

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            1. re: suse

              I'm sorry your group did not enjoy The Anchorline. I must agree that the hush puppies left a lot to be desired.

              In defense of The Anchorline most really good seafood joints are run by people who don't really go for fancy and actually prefer tacky. The Anchorline was run by a really unusual woman who would cook while all made-up and done-up in a very Flo a la Mel's Dinner fashion. Many of these places also don't serve alcohol for any number of reasons. The fact that they did not serve beer was not the biggest concern because in the South sweet tea goes well with all meals. Their main thing was generous portions of fresh seafood, properly prepared for a reasonable price. Unfortunately I can't think of a single restaurant in Charleston that offers what they were doing. There is one on Hwy 17 near Hollywood that has similar offerings but it isn't half as good. Oh well.