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May 26, 2007 04:15 PM

[Hou] Thai grocers Thai food

In my quest for authentic, spicy, thai food I went to Asia Grocery (1010 W Cavalcade St Houston, TX 77009; around the corner from the airline dr mexican market), recommended by the owner of a thai restaurant in rice village. Not only a grocery store, but it also has authentic thai food prepared in the back (and upon request).

it looks like a run-down 7-11 with bars over the doors but if you cook thai food, and eat thai food, this market is good. fresh galangal, ginger, chilis, kaffir lime leaves, mint, thai basil, (2 other fresh greens i didn't recognize) frozen krachai, pink dried shrimp, roasted chili flakes, 1lb of mung bean sprouts for $1, fresh noodles! 3 types of freshly prepared roasted chili paste (roasted red chilis and garlic with some sugar), a jalapeno roasted chili paste, and a third, lighter red one). in the back is a kitchen where i requested sticky rice and papaya salad, spicy, made on the spot ($5). One of the cooks was placing at least 3 lbs of fish in a huge pot for fish stew. I sampled a vegetarian stew of mushrooms, bamboo shoots, greens, and sweet potato (spicy!) perhaps prepared for the two monks who came in when I was checking out. freshly made mini bean cakes with yellow bean paste, not too sweet, and flaky pastry. I will be back!

(having recently moved here i've been having some difficulties finding northern thai/lao food. although the owner of this market recommended thai gourmet on richmond. anyone been?)

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  1. I used to have a neighbor from Thailand, who didn't drive, so I transported her sometimes. She took me to a place in Chinatown (the old one downtown) that had losts of Thai groceries. I was pretty clueless, since it was all written in Thai, but she was so happy to find the things she needed and it was quite an education for me. Now, she was a total snob when it came to laotian food - she thought it was nasty and gross, so I don't know if that means she was from So. Thailand, or what. Her food was made with coconuts, lemongrass, seafood, octopus, squid, and some of the hottest peppers known to man! I'm sure there was more than that, but that's all I remember.

    1. That is an awesome find! Do they make curry paste for take home cooking?

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        the three kinds I mentioned are located in the fridge in the back, to take home.

      2. I'm glad to know that Thai Market is still around. I didn't know that they served food. I'll definitely have to try it. Thanks for the heads up.

        Thai Gourmet on Richmond is one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Houston. It's owned by and run by Kru Pong who also has an excellent Muy Thai Gym next door. I'm not too familiar with Northern Thai/Laotian food, but the menu is fairly extensive--I have not seen much that I didn't know on it though... In any case, Thai Gourmet is the kind of place that you probably order off the menu--I'm sure they could prepare something special if you ask in advance. Ask Kru Pong personally if you can, especially if you speak Thai--Look for the tall guy with short white hair and biceps thicker than your neck. I almost forgot, be careful what spiciness level you choose here. I normally order my food Thai Hot in Houston, but Thai Hot at Thai Gourmet is a little too hot even for my tastes.

        I know that Vieng Thai used to have Laotian food, but last time I was there much of it had been stricken though on the menu. You might call and ask him if he can make it or if he has any recommendations.

        Let us know what you find.