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May 26, 2007 03:47 PM


Just got back from Memphis,TN and had a great time..
Best ribs I've ever had were at the Rendezvous..simply fantastic and the beans were to die for..the ribs are served dry with a so-so BBQ sauce on the side..
the chefs gave me a tour of their smoker and even let me baste a rack of ribs..
went there for a late lunch and the place was almost empty so they had the time..then went back 3 hours later to take out 4 orders for myself and there was a line going out the of the owners recognized me and waved me in and knew I was takin ribs back to SF with me..very friendly folks..they ship out anywhere in the U.S. and though probally not as good as eating there I recommend trying them and don't forget the beans..

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  1. Mrs. Sippi will be so happy to hear about this. This was the first place she took me on my first visit to Memphis. In fact, I think we went there on every visit to Memphis. She just thinks it's the best. She's also fortunate to have an "In" so most of the time, line ups were not an issue.

    Did you order the Rendezvous Special?? It's a an appetizer plate with meats, cheeses and pickles. Really great.

    Good deal on the tour.


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      Rendezvous is spot on. Dry rubbed ribs rule. I agree, the "cheese/sausage app plate" is spectacular..


    2. We were in Memphis for a whirlwind of a day: Graceland, Sun Studios, Peabody Hotel, Beale St. But we found time for two really good meals. Breakfast was at Bryant's and dinner at the Rendezvous. Great ribs! Interesting dry rub. My daughter bought a bottle of dry rub to take home. Haven't tried it yet, but can't wait. Too bad about the MSG in the ingredients.

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        Mrs. Sippi loves it sprinkled on pop corn.