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May 26, 2007 02:56 PM

Challenge: a week of cheap eats

The semester's over and my roommate and I are sticking around for a week. Campus dining halls are all closed (a blessing and a curse), so we need a week's worth of dinners. We thought this would be a good opportunity to do some exploration. So, Boston chowhounds, can you come up with 5-7 restaurants, takeout joints, trucks, or anything else cheap and good?

- Cheap ($10/person or less)
- Accessible by public transportation

Other than that, anything goes!

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  1. Not exactly a challenge, now is it? You could do that at a single T stop. You'll have to be more specific.

    1. Thai (Coolidge Corner or Fenway): Rod Dee
      Mexican (Coolidge Corner or Kenmore): Boca Grande
      A good Pie (Cleveland Circle): Presto Pizza
      Another good Pie (BU): T Anthony's
      Middle Eastern/Turkish (Brookline Village): Brookline Family Restaurant

      1. Flat Patties, Harvard Square
        Bostone Pizza, Newbury St.
        Gourmet India, Coolidge Corner and Pru Food Court

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          i LOVE gourmet india! such a great deal!

        2. Thai: Dok Bua in Coolidge Corner (up Harvard Street.) A dinner special is less than $10.00 and is absolutely fantastic.

          Chilean: Chacerero in Downtown Crossing (Washington Street.) Easy to find- ask anyone. Everyone in that area can point you in the direction. Enormous sandwiches, and definitely filling for dinner.

          Crepes: Paris Creperie- one in Coolidge Corner, one In Beacon Hill area. Yummy crepe sandwiches, and you could even afford a dessert Crepe.

          I imagine you can find numerous places that hit the "under 10 dollar" mark anywhere in Boston. Most sandwiches, burritos, salads, etc.. tend to be in that range.

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            NB: the Beacon Hill branch of Paris Creperie is no more. That said, general sentiment was that it was inferior to its CC sibling anyway.

            I'll throw in a rec for the all-Asian food court in the Porter Exchange building, most notably Cafe Mami for some really terrific cooked Japanese dishes like oyako, curry rice, and homemade teriyaki.

            Near Fenway, El Pelon tacqueria has legitimately tasty fish tacos (better than many versions I've had out west) and great fried plantains.

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                Chacarero is only open M-F from 11-7 according to their website.

              2. Let us know what T-stops are close to you and you will get great recommendations!

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                1. re: chowfamily

                  We're in Cambridge (Harvard Square) but will go anywhere. Keep suggestions coming! What places would you be sure to stop at if you were leaving town for a few months?