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One girl. One Meyer lemon.

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The sole Meyer lemon ripening on my tree for the past year finally decided it was done and fell off. I had a little ceremony where I danced around and then I stuck it in the fridge. The question now is, what do I do with my one, precious lemon?

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  1. How about one serving of very special lemonade. You might even spike it for a cocktail.

    1. Well, don't know what you should do with the lemon part, but you better candy the skin.

      1. make a single serving of meyer lemon curd and slather it on a shortcake.

        1. A very small batch of Meyer lemon marmalade....

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          1. Very funny. In honor of your lemon, I googled "1 Meyer lemon" with over 1400 hits. Some are deceptive because 1 lemon is used in a portion of the recipe with additional lemons required. However here are a few I looked at the use the whole lemon .. juice and zest ... and sounded good to me.

            IMO, this sounded the most Meyer lemon worthy
            Meyer Lemon Salsa

            Pistachio Madelines W Meyer Lemon Glaze Recipe

            Asparagus With Dill-Meyer Lemon Butter

            Spaghettini Al Limone

            Meyer Lemon Mousse

            There are lots more, but maybe this will give you some ideas. Hope you report back on how you used it ... and how it tasted.

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              Wow. I am in awe of the amount of time you put into my project. Many thanks. Love your sig, too. I was a big fan of R.W. Apple.

            2. Make a batch of scones with the zest, and a vinaigrette with the juice. The huge flavor punch of this fruit is in the zest, so don't throw it away.

              1. Make a meyer lemon drop.