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May 26, 2007 02:25 PM

Steak for a Marine

I should have started this earlier but...anyway.
I am treating my grandson to a 21st birthday dinner.
He has requested a good steak. I'd like to include a nice wine.
I don't want to take him to a stodgy place but not Hooter's either.
Please give me some suggestions.

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    1. re: oerdin

      I'm guessing San Diego, since it's Marine central! I'd suggest the Palm, Morton's, Flemings or Ruth's Chris. All are downtown, relatively close to the Marine Corp Recruit Depot, if that's where you'll be. There's also a Ruth's Chris in Del Mar, and Donovan's near UTC if you're farther North.

      1. re: Alice Q

        Yes, sorry, San Diego.
        Palm is too, too. Of the other 3 which is your favorite and has the greatest variety?
        These guys can eat a cow.
        He's at Miramar so I did consider Donovan's.
        Thanks for the suggestions.

        1. re: P Macias

          If you want to do something fun that's not "too too" - you might want to try the Gaslamp Strip Club. It would be a little more affordable and fun than the other options, and the food is good. Personally, it's where I would go - I'm not much for stuffy expensive steakhouses. It's 21 and up, so just make sure you go on or after his birthday!

          There's also a Fleming's near UTC, if you don't want to go downtown. Of the other choices, that would be my pick - though I haven't been to Donovan's.

          1. re: Alice Q

            While I like the location, ambience, and side dishes, I have found the meat quality at Strip Club to be consistently on the poor side - which I consider an unforgivable sin in a steak-centric restaurant.

            Turf Club, whom they are essentially ripping off thematically, has much better meat at around 1/2 to 2/3 the price... unfortunately, it is ALWAYS packed with 20-something hipsters and there isn't much to eat other than your meat... small green salads and garlic bread are the only sides.

            Turf Supper Club
            1116 25th St, San Diego, CA 92102

          2. re: P Macias

            Palm just did nothing for me. Really like Donovan's. Have never been disappointed at Ruths'. Noting your comment about these guys eating a cow and noting AliceQ's comment, you might want to follow her suggestion about the Strip Club.

            1. re: P Macias

              I live around one mile from Miramar and I suggest Donavin's or Ruth's Chris Steak House both offer a good combination of fine meats done to distinction along with some great wines or mixed drinks. A marine can't go wrong at those places and I say that as an Army guy who has been deployed to two war zones.

              The Gas Lamp Stripe Club is another fine steak house which relays upon each person to cook their own meat so some do well and some over cook but it is great fun. If you aren't a BBQ god then just ask the waiters for advice and they will help you.

              1. re: P Macias

                I live up the hill from Mira Mesa Blvd & I-15, and have had the chance to eat at Flemings, Ruth Chris in Del Mar, and AZUL/Brigatine, recently.

                My favorite restaurant in San Diego is the AZUL, foodwise and Location on the LaJolla cliffs overlooking the Cove. Many different food choices and NOT the highest priced for the excellent preparation and quality. Also would not be TOO stuffy for a Marine desiring some good Chow! A friend from NASA declared it his favorite immediately for food and ambiance after dinner the night before at Tapanade, which is a top French spot in the city. Also, the Bar Menu between 4-7 PM at the AZUL is a real treat and a bargain at Happy Hour! Everyone I take there raves about the KOBI BEEF BURGER at a steal of a price. And I bet your Marine would also. Warning it is filling for the price. Others in the party can try some of the Main Menu offerings at reduced prices. Otherwise the Dining Room starts at 5:30 PM. All it takes is a drive down Mira Mar Blvd/LaJolla Village Drive to LaJolla along side the Miramar Base past expensive Donovans and Fliemings about 5 miles. In the other direction Mira Mar Blvd becomes Pomorado Rd at I-15 to Poway Dr, the Brigatine in Poway offers good food and also Bar Menu food with a lot of choices a reasonable prices.
                There is no doubt, that he will enjoy these two the most. If you can say what kind of steak, he prefers, then perhaps I can pinpoint the best place to treat him. I am sure he must know of the places he likes in this area. Ask him and let us know, if you want further information on the best place for him. The closest place a couple of miles from the Mira Mesa Base is La Bastide over the I-15 Freeway at Carrol Canyon Blvd (between Mira Mar and Mira Mesa Blvd)s, where I order the Mussels or Tenderloin steak. It is French, but not stoggy. A real taste treat, as well. I would assume he wants a 'man's' meal! ;)

                Now, if he wants the best tasting big beefsteak(NY), then I can only think of the Florida Grill in Buenos Aries, where you get a large thick cut, fries, with a glass of very good Argentine wine and Ricota Cheese cake for $7.00, my favorite almost daily meal, there! It is the only place, that I order 'beefsteak', and I bet he would as well. Argentina without a doubt has the best beef in the world from my experience. So are their wines!
                I have been to all of the above in the last month and they are part of my rotation.

          3. in my opinion, if you want to treat him to something special, head to donovan's. i don't think anyone who's been there will disagree. great steaks, nice restaurant, and routinely consistant. highly recommended.

            1. Two that haven't been mentioned are:



              Cheaper alternatives to a Ruth's Chris or a Donovan's. Yet that Gaslamp Strip Club might be the most fun for a 21 year old.

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              1. re: FireFlyFiftyFive

                I would not recommend Bully's Del Mar, which has gone downhill. We live nearby, and we used to go to Bully's for a burger or a steak frequently, but the last two visits were a big disappointment. I agree with the suggestions for Gaslamp Strip Club or Donovan's.

              2. Haven't been to The Stip Club, but if the cook your own steak thing sounds interesting, I would recommend The Turf club in Golden Hill - it's the original cook your own steak place. It has an old school feel that's hip again. It's very, very reasonably priced (last time I went with a group of 6, the tab was around $60) and the steaks are huge.

                1. Haven't been there in a few years so I don't know how it is now, but Rainwater's on Kettner has a pretty good steak.

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                  1. re: Vegasbuff

                    I went to the Gaslamp Strip Club about a month ago with a small group. Only go there if the steak is not important to you or your grandson.
                    The meat, I had the ribeye, approaches yet doesn't quite get to, what you find on sale at Vons a few times a year for 3.97/lb. It's tasteless. It has no taste.
                    My other qualms with the place:
                    1) No pepper mills in the place. You are responsible for seasoning your meat, yet there is not a gram of freshly cracked pepper in the restaurant. Their reason is that people used to steal the pepper mills.
                    2) You unwrap your raw steak, put it on a plate, and then grab the Costco size seasonings that have been handled and rehandled by others who have been handling raw meat.
                    3) The grill we had was not hot enough in most places, so you can't casually toss your steak on the part of the grill closest to where you're standing. If you know this going in, you can test for the hotspots and place your steak accordingly. I did and cooked my steak well but several of the non bbq-ers in my group were not so fortunate.