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May 26, 2007 01:23 PM

South African in Toronto?

Anyone know of a restaurant that does any South African cuisine? And if so, a comment on the wine list would be appreciated as well.


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  1. I know this won't directly answer your question, but there is a butcher in Oakville that specializes in SA meats and groceries. You may wish to contact them with your question.


    1. The other source for SA food is Baxter's, a large convenience store on Sheppard near Leslie. I'm not aware of any restaurants that serve SA food except coincidentally.

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        i visited baxters and upon first glance it really didn't strike me as having what i wanted because it is a convenience store and all the SA goodies are so well integrated into the other stock.

        found the koeksisters to be a disappointment (mushy) but love these honey and saffron soaked dough bits at one of the middle eastern grocers (name totally slipping my mind) to be a fantastic substitute. great options for a bit of biltong (although a bit dry) and sausages. a bit pricey, but what do you expect! loved the candy selection.

      2. i dont know if any restaurants in toronto actually do southafrican food
        southafrican food is a combination of many aspects ie different cultures that imigrated to south africa in the early 1900s ie you have the dutch and english influence you also have a strong malaysian influence culminating in some sort of fusion so to speak.well known items are as already mentioned are biltong koeksisters dry wors and yes the candy is great one of my favourites is the chocolate log

        southafrican wines are represented in a few restaurants look for consighnment as the general listings usually tend not to represent the true quality of southafrican wines

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          sorry kimberlita but the correct way to say it is boerewors and not boerworst
          the english translation directly means farmers sausage

        2. My husband is from South Africa and we haven't come across a South African restaurant in Toronto. However, we heard that there's a stoop in the St. Lawrence Market that sells boerworst! Have yet to try it. Let me know if you have any luck finding anything.

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            If you go to Baxters - where they have sausages and biltong, etc - go to the diner next door for a grilled boerewors - delicious.

          2. I was aware of Baxters's and Florence. What I really wanted was a restaurant. I have friends coming in, I won't have time to cook, and I'm dying for lamb sosaties (a kebob which bobotie didn't mention).