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May 26, 2007 12:29 PM

M Restaurant

Tried this place for the first time last nite and was very impressed. The dining room is long and nararow, nicely appointed, There's also a lovely garden for outdoor dining. Food was wonderful. I had a lemon risotto ($13) for my appetizer--perfect texture. Entree was halibut ($24) over sauteed potatoes, topped with sauteed leeks--excellent--fish was moist, flaky, and the vegetables were a good complement. Dessert was a pineapple Napolean ($9)--a fresh pineapple ring that was either roasted or sauteed, with whipped cream between layers of crisp puff pastry. My husband had the foie gras appetizer ($18), which was rich and buttery, almost custardy in texture. His entree was NY strip, at $36, the most expensive entree on the menu (entrees start at $22 and most are in the twenties) with chanterelles and asparagus. He said it was perfectly cooked and tender. His dessert was a banana tart tatin, fresh out of the oven and accompanied by a scoop of ice cream--dulce de leche, I believe. I had a bite--divine! He also had a half bottle of wine ($20). The tab before tip was $148, which is considerably more than we usually spend on our Friday nite, but then again, he had the most expensive appetizer and entree on the menu.

Service was great, for the most part. The only glitch was that I finished my entree before my husband did and my plate was removed before he finished eating. Other than that, everyone was very nice, helpful with the menu, and efficient.

The restaurant itself is associated with the Robert Morris hotel, which actually fronts on a narrow street whose name escapes me at the moment. The garden is between the hotel and the building that houses the restaurant.

The long and short of it is that I would go to M again in a heartbeat. My first experience with Bonte this morning, however, is a different story. But that's another post.

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  1. But you don't say where "M" is and where the heck is the Robert Morris Hotel? Is it in the suburbs of Philly? A Google of it turned up nothing.
    Is there a menu online?

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        I think it's just called the Morris Hotel (Morris being one of the big financiers of the Revolution). Both the hotel and the restaurant are easy to miss. Restaurant is at 231 S. 8th. Surprised you didn't get anything from Google, as that's how I found it. If you go, enjoy! BTW, half the garden (or courtyard) was set up for a wedding the next day. What a great venue, esp. with the hotel right next door for out-of-town guests.

      2. Elaine, thanks for the delicious review. Friends of ours had also told us how much they liked M. We'll put it on our list!

        1. the Chef there is Dave Katz, before he was at M he was at Lula on 10th and Lombard i think, maybe something else....the food at Lula was always awesome..i've been dying to go to M for a year now...seeing this post, I'll prolly go next week

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            Okay, I finally found it. It is under Morris House (not Hotel -- that's what my problem was).
            I thank you for this and will tuck it away for the next center city dining. It sounds like a place I would like.