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May 26, 2007 12:25 PM

Nice Virginia Restaurants? - 2941, Colvin Run...

I live in Fairfax and am trying to figure out which nice restaurants I can have a nice, elegant, and maybe even romantic meal with my wife short of driving into DC.

2941 was beautiful but the food and service was mediocre when I tried it a couple of times a few years ago, has it gotten better?

Any thoughts on Le Tire Bouchon, Colvin Run Tavern?

Maestro is too expensive for us, and we've been to L'auberge Chez FranÇois many times already.

Any other places we should consider? Restaurant Eve is just as far as DC so we would be interested in places along I-66/Dulles Toll Road/Rt 7 corridor. Thanks.

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    1. re: monavano

      Too expensive for them. I like Le Tire Bouchon.

      If you can stand a chain, the sunday prime rib special at Flemings in Tyson's (salad, app, prime rib, dessert for about 25 bucks) is quite nice...they have a better than decent wine selection, and service is good. I have been consistently pleasantly surprised by their desserts...though basic, very well executed...and usually an afterthought for places like this. Really better than you might expect given its association with Outback.

    2. My boyfriend and I went to 2941 for a romantic meal about 3 weeks ago and we found the service and food to be excellent. For our entrees, I had the seabass and he had the venison (both wonderful) but the most outstanding part of the meal had to be the foie gras in a persimmon sauce I believe. This is the second time we have been in the past 6 mths and both times we left entirely satisfied.

      Another option for you may be Capital Grille in Tysons. While it is a chain, I think that they are consistently outstanding in regards to food and service. It is a great special occasions restaurant and it is romantic in a dark, steakhouse kind of way. Make sure to get the cheesecake for dessert- a nilla wafer crust and strawberries make it to die for!!

      1. Colvin Run Tavern is quite good. Mostly seafood. Capital Grill is a chain; we were disappointed in the food, service, and ambiance. Le Tire Bouchon will be the most quiet and romantic.

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        1. re: Dakota Guy

          I thoroughly enjoyed Colvin Run Tavern when I was there, and found the emphasis more on smoked meats than on seafood, but since it's a Kinkaid restauarant, of course the seafood will be excellent. I will say the decor has a rustic theme and I wasn't keen on the cow skull and agricultural implements. But the tables are set well apart for cosy conversations without your neighbors listening in.

          1. re: weezycom

            Incidentally, there are four different rooms within Colvin, each with a different decor. If you dine there again, let them know the decor of the room where you ate and ask for a table in a different section.

            1. re: Indy 67

              Thanks, Indy. Didn't realize that. We were right next to the fireplace on a cold night, and that was too enticing, so I don't know that we would have left for another table.

        2. I am wondering what you're looking for?
          For the neighborhood small intimate feel, Cafe Renaissance in Vienna is good.
          For Italian with a great Veal Chop and an Opera Singer, Da Domenico in Tyson's Corner is a real blast from the past. Attentive service is a plus too.
          Foodies on a budget would enjoy Basins on Church in Vienna. Good Food!
          All the places you listed tend to be a little notch above, but I think with gas prices
          the way they are it's nice to support the local establishments and save on fuel, still be able to enjoy an appetizer or dessert.

          Happy Hunting!

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          1. re: keithlb1

            Yes, I was looking for something a "notch above", specifically, I'm taking my wife out for our anniversary this Friday.

            We haven't eaten at any of those places you mentioned, they're going to go on our list of restaurants to try.

            I made reservations for Le Tire Bouchon - everyone think this is a good choice for an anniversary dinner out of those mentioned so far? Seemed like the most intimate and I haven't heard anyone say anything negative about it.

            Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm impressed by how many good options there are in the area.