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May 26, 2007 11:53 AM

Best place to buy coffee beans? New to this ...

A few weeks ago, I visited St. Lawrence market for the first time and my husband loved the mexican coffee at this gourmet coffee shop. I returned today and bought him a pound. It cost $13.99/lb. Not a coffee bean buyer (he normally drinks Folgers or Hills or Tim Horton's), I'm not sure if this is an average price or not for mexican organic free trade coffee?

Would Second Cup be a good place to buy beans as well (he doesn't like Starbucks)?

Lastly, the woman at the counter told me the best container to store the beans would be a small ceramic container with a seal and metal hook. I've tried looking at Cayne's, Wal-Mart and Kitchen Stuff Plus, but couldn't find one. Any ideas? I live uptown but don't mind to drive around for great food and food related items!!

TIA(thanks in advance)!

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  1. I've also got hooked on gourmet coffee beans lately. Bought about 6 different kinds from Whole foods, who roast their own. I too love their Mexican version (not sure if it's the same as the one you got), also priced @ $13.99/lb. I find that the freshly roasted ones seem to be much more flavourful than the pre-roasted ones.

    My next plan is to try the unroasted beans and to roast them myself.

    I would also love to find a place uptown, since we only go to Whole Foods once every 2 months or so.

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      If you do decide to roast your own, check out Merchant's of Green Coffee. If you really get into this, you'll want to browse the Sweet Maria's website.

    2. You can store the coffee beans in a regular jar with a screw top, as well. The shorter the storage the better the coffee. So buy smaller amounts from the bulk bins, more often!

      1. There are a few places recommended in the following topic...

        $13.99 is average price. I would not go to Second Cup or Starbucks. You want to find a place that roast their own beans.

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          1. Our household goes through a LOT of coffee and used to buy from Second Cup but we now buy the Kirkland Brand Espresso Blend from Costco (it's roasted by Starbucks as indicated right on the package). It's $17.99 (maybe less but not more) for a 2 lb bag and is a good dark, rich blend. We stock up during our infrequent trips there. We store the beans in a metal container on the counter - and freeze the balance until we're ready to use - but have heard (and from deelicious too!) that this isn't good for the bean.

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              I also buy my coffee at Costco--right now it's a 2-lb. bag of organic/free trade for $12.99 that I'm working on. I prefer another organic one from Costco at $14.99/2 lbs--neither is the Kirkland/Starbucks brand though. Ideally, I'd roast and grind green beans every day, but in reality, that's not going to happen. I have to grind mine all at once, put a week's supply in a sealed container, and freeze the rest in a ziplock bag. This works for me, although the flavour isn't as good at the end. It sure makes the first cup from the next bag taste good, though. ; )

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                Costo is a great source. I have used them and will continue to use them.
                But, having said that, once roasted beans are roasted -and remain whole beans,you have significant deterioration within a week -and, once the beans are gound, you have considerably less than a week before there is real deterioration. There continues to be an argument whether the freezer or refigerator prolong coffee life and, although I used to use the freezer, I suspect it made no difference.

          2. Remarkable bean in the beach is great...they roast their own and it is fair trade..I always get the jet fuel roast, it is very strong. Also Merchants of Green Coffee is great too, they sell the beens green, so you can roast your own, but they sell a daily selection of beans that they roast that day, the difference of having fresh roasted coffee is amazing. They are at 2 Matilda St (Queen E/ DVP)