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May 26, 2007 11:11 AM

in search of bahn mi, but where?

So last time I was in New York I had an amazing bahn mi at a place between the Dumpling House and Lombardi's. It was a little hole in the wall space, tiny counter, but very good. We had it with some delicious sweet strong coffee. So now I'm thinking about heading back to New York and need to get my hands on another one. But where? I've been searching the boards and am still confused. I need to pick ONE place but one place dosen't seem to stand out above the rest. Below, is what I have so far. Any opinions?

Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches 
150 East Second St. between grand and hester (Ave. A) East Village
212-388-1088 classic bahn mi with paté, ham, ground pork, pickled carrot, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapeno, and mayo on a baguette. SUB: F, V to 2nd Avenue 

Bahn MI So #1 on Broome between Mott and Elizabeth

Saigon Bakery banh mi's pork sandwich spicy on Mott between Grand and Hester

Ba Xuyen on 8th Ave and 42nd St in Sunset Park - grilled chicken bahn mi crispy skin

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  1. The hole-in-the-wall is probably Banh Mi at 369 Broome Street, near Mott. They also have strong coffee, a tiny counter, a cluttered waiting area with refrigerator cases holding mysterious concoctions.


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    1. re: Tom Steele

      They recently renovated the place so not sure if the clutter is the same but I second Banh Mi So #1

      1. re: noot

        The full name of the place at 369 Broome St. is Viet Nam Bahn Mi So #1, I think. I prefer it to Saigon Bahn Mi on Mott St., although lots of chowhounds, possibly a majority, prefer Saigon Bahn Mi.

        I'm glad to hear that Viet Nam Bahn Mi So #1 has re-opened. Haven't had a chance to get over there lately.

        Oh, and if you're paying more than about $4 for a bahn mi, then you're paying way too much. I hear that Nicky's and Momofuku Ssam's are much more expensive and IMO that's just not right. But your mileage may vary.

        There's lots of other bahn mi discussion around here. See also:

      2. re: Tom Steele

        The mysterious concoctions in the display case are rather good.. They have this pink rice that is fantastic..Like a sweet pink sticky rice.. They also have rice paper wraps that are cheap and awesome.. I use to drive past there on my way to work and get these sandwiches for "lunch". It would be a rare occasion if I didnt eat the hot crusty sandwich at the first traffic light..

        They also sell Cafe Du Monde Chicory Coffee which I found interesting.. I am a big fan of the coconu juice too.. Hardcore folks could try the bird embryo eggs or some of the packaged fish items they have..

        Call it whatever you want, the Bahn Mi at Momofuku is one hell of a sangwhich..

      3. I like both Saigon Bakery on Mott and also Nicky's. People seem to like the pork chop banh mi at Nicky's too, but I've never tried it.

        1. Had a good one at A Chau on Mulberry south of canal when I was on Jury Duty last week.

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          1. re: sjjn

            Ditto on A Chau. Love the pickled vegetables. Good bread too.

            1. re: wanderluster

              Funny--I had banh mi from A Chau when *I* was on jury duty a few months ago! Quite good.