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May 26, 2007 10:59 AM

Is B&B a good choice before Love?

We are going to the 7 pm show Love at the Mirage and need an early dinner before the show. I'd love to try B&B and made a 5pm res. I'm not sure of the logistics, though. Is B&B a good choice? I need a place with easy access to cabs to get us to the show in time, since one of our party who can't walk too much. I heard the restaurants weren't great at the Mirage, and don't want to waste one of my precious nights on a mediocre dinner. I'm open to suggestions for another choice that would be great but get us to the show on time. We're staying at Caesar's. Unfortunately, dining after the show is not an option.

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  1. B&B is right across the street from the Mirage, so walking might be ok (or of course there are plenty of cabs). We just ate there this week and quite enjoyed it, but it was leisurely (which we wanted). If you have an early curtain you might want to let them know when you are seated.

    There was an amuse bouche of some sort of chickpea crostini--I'm not generally a chickpea fan but this mostly tasted salty and good (without that "bean" texture I can't stand). We shared the goat cheese truffles (good, but essentially balls of goat cheese coated with... can't remember. One that may have been sun dried tomato-ish, one basic herb-y one, and one that we couldn't figure out, but which might have been anise.) Then we shared the Mint Love Letters pasta--the first bite was very odd (strong heat and the mint was very grassy) but it grew on me a lot and a couple of bites in I quite liked it. I had the quail for a main course (very good) and my friend had a pork chop that she loved but I didn't try. We were too full for dessert but they presented a plate of little dessert amuses--a brittle that was very sweet but would have been nice with coffee, I think; a chocolate thing that was ok; and a little piece of lemon shortbread that was a good finish to the meal.

    I had lunch at the Mirage one day, at Finz. They say it's Chinese but it was more pan-Asian. I was with some colleagues so we shared a few dishes: the Singapore noodles (my choice) were quite good, pad thai was ok (spicy, which was weird), and the chicken chow mein was fine, but a bit greasy. The only other restaurant I tried there was the coffee shop, which was fine but (I assume) not what you're looking for. The bar outside Love did have a very nice ginger/peach cockail (bourbon based). I'm going to have to learn how to make that one.

    If you're staying at Ceasar's, you could go pretty much anywhere there as well, as it's a very quick cab to the Mirage. We tried Mesa Grill, which I was prepared to hate but really liked. You'd probably also want to tell them that you have an early curtain to allow time to scoot over to the theatre.

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      I would hate to Rush My B & B dining experience.

      B & B has been my most memorable dining experiencel to date in Vegas.

      An meal I didn't want to end.

      I just wanted to sit there and savor the flavors and the mastery of each individual dish.

      I think it would be unjust to rush though a meal because of time wonderful as it will be......

    2. I'd think it'd take longer to get a cab and go over to the Mirage than it would to just walk across the street if you were at the Venetian.

      Stack at the Mirage is pretty good if you like that sort of thing.
      There are also the restaurants in the newer part of Caesar's Forum which are pretty close to the Mirage. Like Joe's Stone Crabs, Il Mulino (had a stunningly mediocre but expensive dinner there), etc.