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May 26, 2007 10:53 AM

"Ugly" tomatoes

I know its early for really good tomatoes, but I've been having some luck with the "ugly" variety. They look kind of puckered at the top, but look, slice and taste almost as good as a fresh jersey beefsteak in late august. Has anyone tried these and what do you think?

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  1. I haven't seen any this year, but in the past, I find them to be excellent. Also Vivaldi tomatoes have a more authentic native tomato flavor.

    1. jfood like the uglis a lot. they have seemed to have disappeared over the last few eeks tho. they are great fillers 'til the jersey varieties hit.

      1. these type of tomatoes are really nice,hate beef tomatoes there only okey for cooking try any organic tomatoes,they are really nice nd sweet or try ordinary cherry is a tip never put tomatoes in the fridge as this kills there flavour,they should always b at room temp...

        1. Are these found at the supermarket or farmer's market? Are you all on the east coast?

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            well i dnt know where ur from but im from ireland and these r for me available in both,where u from?

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              Western US (Nevada). Honestly - it's not that I can't find them, I just was unaware of where to look.

          2. UglyRipe is a registered trademark owned by the Procaccis, the same people who developed the Santa Sweet miniature (not cherry) tomatoes. It's an hierloom tomato, derived from the French Marmonde, that is suitable for shipping and selling in supermarkets in winter when all we can usually get are cardboard tomatoes. US Consumers snapped them up, even at $4/lb, because they taste great. And then the company got into a fight with the Florida Ag department who want every tomato shipped out of state to look perfect, taste be damned. More here They're the real thing. Good, if expensive, way to survive until other varieties are available.
            The trademarked UglyRipe won't be available in farmers' markets unless the farmer buys his goods from wholesalers since the Procacci family doesn't sell its proprietary seed. You may find similar heirloom and hybrid varieties however. Many other varieties have "broken shoulders" which is often considered a flaw.

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              Thank you for all the additional info. I LOVE Santa Sweets. I'll definitely be on the hunt now - appearances be damned!