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May 26, 2007 10:26 AM

Las Vegas multi-generational group dinners

I need to plan 3 dinners prior to a wedding in Las Vegas. The group is staying at Caesar's, the ages are from 90 to 2, and the bride and groom are late 30's (groom is Italian). Budget allows for expensive (think SW, or lower, rather than Alex,e.g.). Some of us love great restaurants and others are complete non-foodies (think iceberg salad and steak), but I'd like to appeal to the discriminating types without being so gourmet that the others will be uncomfortable.

Saturday night will be 12 people and with most people just arriving that day from a 2-hour diiference in time, staying at the hotel or nearby for a very early (5:30) dinner would be good.
Is Rao's decent? Or Bradley Ogden.

I really want to go to B&B and Bouchon during the trip, but may do that on another night with smaller group).

Sunday night is for 15 and I'm exploring SW Steakhouse for availability, because my husband has been there several times and loves it and the lake may be fun for kids and those who are new to LV, but I'm not crazy about their requirement for a limited menu minimum expenditure per person,and open to other suggestions. Again, we will go for first-seating at 5 or 5:30 because of the 3 kids. Would Bouchon be a better chouce? Or B&B or ??

Tuesday night will be just 8 people, and no 2 year old.

Thanks for helping with suggestions.

I want to stay away from asian, mexican, highly ethnic, places (Italian and French are okay)

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  1. Joe's Stone Crabs in the Forum Shops at Caesar's can also be a good fit for what you are looking for. They not only have the ability to handle large parties with ease, but the menu runs a gamut that might hit your target well - a serious foodie would not be disappointed, but there are also some simple (but still well-prepared) options for the others.

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      Thanks QAW, I called Joe's and they were so accommodating for the Saturday night dinner. It was the first place that did not require a limited menu or a minimum amount. I think it should appeal to the group.

      I'm still having trouble with Sunday night, but I'm thinking SW or B&B. I know SW is easily accessible from the taxi drop-off, but I'm worried about how far the walk is inside the Venetian to the B& B restaurant for our older members.

      1. re: carre

        B&B is by the Blue Man theatre--sort of the back left side of the casino floor. We walked over, so I'm not sure how far it would be from a cab drop-off. It's not too far (a couple of minutes walk, in heels) from the door near Tao. My concern would be more if they could accomodate that size a group--the place was much smaller than I had imagined.

        1. re: cmd

          B&B says they can take a large group.

    2. Bouchon does have a private room and is great for a group b/c the menu is very accessible. They also have a patio, but I don't know if they would reserve it for a group. One of the huge advantages of Bouchon is that you can get dropped off by the Venezia tower and just take an elevator up...very limited walking.