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May 26, 2007 10:21 AM

Soft Shell Crab

I couldn't help but be tempted by the Martha Stewart special this week on Soft Shell Crab. Has anyone started seeing them on menus around town? Where? Where?

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  1. Ate a delicous one paired with succotash at Campanile last week. Santa Monica Seafood has them but the price is still very high.

    1. Soft Shell Crab hand rolls....ummm mmmm good!

      1. Harold and Belle's on Jefferson a few blocks east of Crenshaw.

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        1. re: mpron

          Check out Matsuda in Studio City... must have reservations!!! tell them Alan with Barcelona sent you

        2. Yatai on Sunset Blvd, just West of La Cienega has delicious soft shell crab with a creamy chili sauce that's amazing.

          1. Soft shell crab is mostly an east coast thing especially in Maryland and Virginia where most of the soft shell crabs come from. Yes, they're good once in a while but if you order them on the east coast be prepared to pay the price since they have to be either flown in or froze and you don't want frozen.

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              i grew up in the Washington/Baltimore area. As teenagers, we would buy steamed soft shell crabs for 25 cents a piece. Yes, that's right....a quarter a piece. big, fat, juicy ones. Along with the crab order, there was always a small paper cone filled with hot mustard.
              Oerdin, thanks for reminding me!!