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May 26, 2007 09:07 AM

suggestions for rehearsal dinner in newport

hi hounds!

i'm looking for a restaurant that can host 40 people for a rehearsal dinner. i prefer something casually elegant with good food and reasonable prices. people keep referring me to the red parrot...yikes! can someone suggest something (anything!) better?


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  1. The Red Parrot would be fun however it may be too casual for your rehearsal dinner. Pronto & Sardellas might work for you. Both offer great food and room for private functions.

    1. Try Mamma Luisia's. I think you would enjoy their food and atmosphere.

      1. Try 41north - it will open in early july - it's where Christies used to be. Very pretty setting and they should have decent food.

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          I was under the impression that 41n was going to be more of a private club...I could be wrong, The View alone...would be worth anything you would pay for, especially at sunset.

          1. re: fruitlady

            semi private - $350 membership fee that will be fully credited toward food and bev tab... sounds like a pretty good deal. They will most definitely be doing private parties. Prices will not be reasonable though... There is a gallery on lower THames, called Found, 401-241-9887 - great space that can easily be made elegant, a dinner for 40 would easily fit there.

        2. You might consider the Canfield House on Memorial Boulevard.

          Jerry Saywell

          1. I had my rehearsal dinner at 28 Bowen (not sure if I got the number right but its the multi level restaurant on Bowens Wharf). I am from RI and got married in Newport and they did an excellent job. The Red Parrott - are you kidding me?!

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              22 an excellent suggestion, i am sure they made your night wonderful between the great food & service! great suggestion!