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May 26, 2007 07:04 AM

BOA Steakhouse or Jar???

Between the 2 of these restaurants can anyone tell me, in their opinion which has the best atrnnosphere? Food? Service?


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  1. Jar certainly wins on food and service. As to atmosphere, it depends on whether you mean the Santa Monica or West Hollywood locations of Boa--Santa Monica is very cool.

      1. Another vote for Jar here. Terrific, interesting food and excellent service.

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        1. Put me squarely in the Jar camp. Much better food, and the service is attentive and warm without being too much. The room is comfortable and beautiful.

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            Been to both the Santa Monica location of BOA and Jar - Agreed - Jar has better food and service. It's very chic without the snobbery vibe I got at BOA.