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May 26, 2007 05:52 AM

After 10 years, I have a car and i want to spend the day eating snacks in the outer boroughs. suggestions?

I've done some exploring by subway in the past- di fara's, meat patties in flatbush, totonno's, nunzios, killmeyer's, but i'm out of date and want some new must-eats in the far reaches of brooklyn or queens.


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  1. We only made it to two places on our first trip - but here's our report - there's also a link to a v. helpful thread about the outer boroughs.

    1. Jim Leff has been mapping street food in Jackson Heights. You could probably drive, park, and then just graze!

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      1. re: Pat Hammond

        JH is a subway "venue", it's too crazy there to park. Try Ridgewood, Maspeth by Car, Bayside (for Armenian, Persian), Staten Island (Sri Lankan) w/the car

        1. re: MOREKASHA

          It's actually not that difficult to park in JH -- on Roosevelt or side streets. I do it all the time.

          Wouldn't rule it out for that reason...

      2. You just have to drive to Red Hook and eat at the food stalls bordering the soccer field -THE best food from Mexico, Central America, etc.

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        1. since you are familiar with staten island and have wheels why not head back and hit some of the sri lankan places there and report back for us? there was a new one on victory last time i went that i wonder about, but havent been back to try.

          also, dont forget there is the whole world of new jersey to be explored, the indian food in edison, the hotdog joints like RUTTS HUT, ironbound newark and all that.

          aww, now i almost miss having a car!

          1. Here's an old thread on the same topic, and I think I've said everything that would apply today.