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Where to buy skirt steak

Where can I find them? I've looked in Kensington and St Lawrence markets with no luck.


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  1. Definitely at Whole Foods and Cumbrae.

      1. I know they have it at Royal Beef and at Nortown Foods.

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          I've never seen skirt steak at Nortown. Does it have to be specially ordered?

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            They usually have it at York Mills. I don't know about Eglinton. For many years, Nortown (and Donny's, a direct competitor, now defunct) were the only reliable sources of skirt steak in Toronto.

            It used to be sold as "pinwheels", which were skirt steaks rolled into a log and sliced into roughly 1" sections. Last week, they had normal (flat) skirt steaks in the freezer. My current regular source is Royal Beef at Danforth/Woodbine.

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              Funny, you' d think they would have the same cuts at the York Mills and Eglinton locations. I'll have to ask next time I'm in there.

              In Montreal, the kosher butchers sold "lollipops" - pinwheels on a stick!

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                I think they have pretty much the same cuts now, but they didn't always. For many years, Eglinton carried only kosher cuts - long after they ceased actually being kosher - while York Mills stocked strip loins and very treif sausage products.

        2. "Skirt" is a popular Latino BBQ cut. Juan Meat Market, otherwise known as El Gaucho, has this cut and I understand has a good reputation in the Latino community
          40 Beverly Hills Rd
          Its in the plaza, west side.

          1. St James Town Steak and Chop (Parliament at Winchester) often has them in cryovacs of three.

            1. Cumbrae or white hous emeats in st Lawrence

              1. Wow, thanks everybody! I just looked up all of these places so in case anyone else is wondering:

                Nortown Foods - York Mills and Bayview or Eglinton and the Allen
                Grace Meats - Grace and College (I think I've asked before but I'll try again)
                Royal Beef - Danforth and Woodbine
                St James Town Steak and Chop - Parliament and Carleton
                Whitehouse - St Lawrence Market - I'm sure I've asked them but I'll try again
                Juan Meat Market, otherwise known as El Gaucho - near Jane and the 401
                Healthy Butcher, Cumbrae, Whole foods would be last resorts, organic is not important to me in this instance

                Thanks again!

                1. Any butcher that brings in full sides of beef should have access to almost all cuts (I believe the hanger steak is removed at the time of slaughter, so it may be an exception).

                  The problem is that with some of the more obscure cuts (i.e. skirt, hanger steak, etc.) there are only a few steaks per animal. As such, they sometimes don't make it to the counter display because there won't be a nice full row like the t-bones, rib eyes, etc.

                  My butcher in New Brunswick raises his own organic, grass feed beef and dry ages them 15 days (there is a brisket in the smoker as I write - YUM!). He has a hard time moving some of the lesser known cuts. Sometimes I show up looking for a hanger or skirt steak only to find out that they have just been put through the grinder for ground beef!!!! What a shame....

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                    Sad, yes... but they must make for a lovely, beefy burger.

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                      Sorry - I forgot to make my point about the obscure cuts - just ask the butcher even if you don't see the particular cut in the display. He may have in hanging on a side out back..

                    2. I bought some at Cumbrae's once and the butcher actually came out and asked me which part of the meat I wanted my portion from. Needless to say, it was delicious and amazingly tender.

                      1. St. James Town Steak and Chop and Norfoods are great. If not, try Whole Foods. (how can St. Lawrence not have it?!)

                        1. You might want to give vacio steak a try. I've bought it at The Healthy Butcher and it's marvelous - extremely rich in flavour, tender without being textureless like filet mignon, with a great amount of marbling. It's an Argentinian cut of beef similar to hanger steak (I'm not sure exactly where it's cut from).

                          It's quite expensive, but worth every penny.

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                            Hey, FlavoursGal! That sounds interesting - how do you prepare it? A marinade?

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                              No, it doesn't seem to be necessary. I rub it generously with a dry rub (whatever combination of herbs and spices that grab my attention at the time) and grill it to medium-rare. The last time I made it, I sliced it across the grain and served it atop a large salad, brushed with some chimichurri I'd picked up from El Gaucho Sausage Co. at the Saturday St. Lawrence market.

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                                I order it from Kensington Meats.

                                It's possibly my favourite cut!
                                I do very little to it - no extra flavouring or prep-work - just pepper it & put it on the BBQ. Add salt & serve.


                                  1. re: crawfish

                                    In Kensington Market -
                                    63 Kensington Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada - (416) 596-7911

                          2. Butcher Shoppe, 121 Shornecliffe, Etobicoke, 416 234 2290, open to the public on the first saturday of the month.

                            1. Fiesta Farms often has it.

                              1. i've seen it at Carnicero's at St.lawrence market (as recent as last week)
                                You can also call sausage king and order it, their PEI grassfed is fantastic.

                                1. most Rowe farms locations that I visit (Roncesvalles, Bloor West Village, etc.) always have skirt, flank, or flatiron.

                                  1. In my area the best place to get them is the Hispanic market so you might want to try one in your area.

                                    1. The Butcher Shop (that's its name), in the Silver Mile Plaza (SW corner of Markham Road and Kingston Road) had them today.

                                      1. Butcher By Nature always has it in. 515 Annette St., Bloor West Village.

                                        1. Longos at Bayview and John in Thornhill has it, but it's $16/lb. I'm looking for a cheaper source.

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                                            famu in Jtown has grass fed skirt steak. I think it was a bit cheaper (10.99lb or so)

                                            1. re: changi2

                                              $16 /lb? Looks like the price had quadrupled since it first became more popular about 10 years ago. I don't think other cuts have increased the the same taio.

                                              1. re: foodyDudey

                                                I just saw my typo, I meant to say: I don't think other cuts have increased the same RATIO.

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                                                  Most grocery stores don't carry cuts like this; if they do, it's because there's some demand and the pricing follows. Last time I bought skirt at Cumbrae's it was cheaper...

                                              2. re: changi2

                                                the Longo's at Maple Leaf Square, as of May 6th has Certified Angus, USDA Choice Skirt Steak at $ 19.82 / kg or $ 8.99 / lb

                                              3. Costco has started selling Flap or Hangar Steak for about $8-9/lb. I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and it's well marbled and very flavourful.

                                                I know it's not skirt steak, but it's a possible alternative for people looking for a similar cut.

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                                                  Sanagan's has skirt, hanger, flap, flatiron, etc. for $8-9/lb. Good quality, local producer; ask how long it was aged.

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                                                    which costco? i'd love to try hangar steak.

                                                    1. re: filtered

                                                      It was the one by Downsview (Billy Bishop).

                                                      1. re: asagiri

                                                        I went to look last Saturday. Couldn't find it. I asked the meat boys, they've never ever heard of "hangar steak".


                                                        1. re: filtered

                                                          Maybe you should have asked for "hanger" steak. Hangar steak is only sold near airports, and those guys at Costco probably don't know there used to be an airport nearby.

                                                        2. re: asagiri

                                                          Billy Bishop airport is on the Toronto Islands.... have not seen a costco nearby... unles you take a plane to buffalo from there...

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                                                            The Costco being referred to is on Billy Bishop Way, north of Yorkdale

                                                            1. re: foodyDudey

                                                              I just came back from Costco (Billy Bishop) and they no longer seem to be carrying it. Also, it wasn't referred to as "Hangar" steak on the label, it was called Flap meat instead.

                                                              1. re: asagiri

                                                                That is slightly confusing for my small brain. You mean they no longer carry Hanger steak but now have flap meat? Is that the same as meat flaps? Just make sure they don't call it beef curtains!

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                                                                  As yakionigiri girl pointed out, I made the mistake and thought flap steak was hangar steak. What Costco used to carry was Flap meat/steak, which I misconstrued/misnomer as hangar steak by accident. It was still a very flavourful and well marbled cut, and I'm disappointed Costco no longer carries it.

                                                                  Btw Costco was having a sale on their Organic Whole Chickens. $6.00 off per package, regular price is about $30 for two whole chickens. I bought a pack today to make fried chicken! :D

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                                                                  Flap isn't really hanger, though in some places in the States will call it "faux hanger." It's not really the same flavour profile either, as it lacks the flavour imparted by the kidneys.

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                                                          Dang, that seems expensive for non-organic. You can get organic hanger at The Healthy Butcher for $8.99/lb

                                                        4. Organic skirt at The Healthy Butcher for $15.99/lb.

                                                          Now the question is, where can I get it cheaply (don't care if it's organic or not)? Kinda sucks that the cheap cuts are going up in price or are hard to get nowadays.

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                                                            I get mine at Upper Cut in the SLM- I live downtown-ish, which makes it practical to hit the market early on a Saturday morning. I think it's $8/lb. It's my go-to butcher.

                                                            Alternatively, if you live near a T&T, they'll have it on the cheap.

                                                            1. re: biggreenmatt

                                                              Ah, T&T is a good idea, thanks! I don't have one particularly close to me, but I'll definitely check it out the next time I pass by.

                                                              1. re: Fatboy_Slim

                                                                I know T & T has flank. It was on sale last couple of days for $3.99. I like the beef at Galleria York Mills/Upjohn much better. Galleria carries hanger. If you need special cut, talk to the butcher behind the counter. I once saw a caucasian pick up 2 large bags of beef from Galleria.

                                                          2. Juan Meat Market - "El Gaucho"
                                                            40 Beverly Hills Dr., Unit 52 Toronto, Ontario M3L-1A1
                                                            Telephone: 416-248-2808