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May 26, 2007 03:17 AM

Where to eat grilled porcini in Rome/Florence/Venice?

Hello. I'm doing the usual restaurant research for next month's trip to Rome, Florence and Venice. I've found lots of ideas from this great site!
One thing I'd like to eat while I'm there is grilled porcini (funghi porcini alla griglia). Does anyone know any good places in these cities to eat it?

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  1. I am also going to mostly the same destinations around the same time and I have been researching it for a while now.

    It seems to me the real question is; will we be able to get fresh porcini at the end of June? Most info I've read says that June is just too early for the shrooms. Certainly it seems too early for most truffles.

    Alas, what is a fungus lover to do?

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    1. re: seal

      I was worried about that. I guess autumn would have been better..

    2. June is not really the month fro porcini mushrooms. End of August through to September is when they usually appear - but this year has been so dry you might not get any at all.

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      1. re: coombe

        I often go to a little restaurant in Como that specializes in wild mushrooms.
        I returned last week.
        I was able to get their dishes smothered in Truffles, but their very special grilled whole giant porcini was not available.
        They do something magical, and the centre has the texture of custard.
        I know that I have had them before in May, but this year they told me that it was too early in the season.

        1. re: erly

          i just got back and stayed at the hotel barbieri in altomonte, calabria
          we had fresh porcini done many different ways!
          so, you're in luck they should be available
          happy hunting