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May 25, 2007 11:45 PM

Minnesota: do you know where czechvar beer is sold retail??

this is the extraordinary czech beer Budvar. but because anheuser busch wont allow them to use the Bud name in America, it is called Czechvar when imported to the USA, to avoid an army of anheuser busch lawyers. AB now has agreed to be the distributor in the USA. looking for a retail source especially in minneapolis-stpaul

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  1. Before the recent deal with A-B, since around 2001 Czechvar had been imported by two smaller firms, Czech Beer Imports (in CT, for the "Eastern US") and World Wine Ltd. (in CA, for the "Western US"). Don't know where MN fits into that division but I'm surprised it's hard to find -altho' there have been reports of a lack of product for other imports of which AB has recently picked up the rights- it's quite common on the East Coast. OTOH, when I went looking for some a few weeks ago as the weather warmed up, I found the brown 1/2 liter bottles (preferable over the green 12-oz'ers) but with a "Best by" date of "02 06"- ugh.

    Actually, for Czech beers (imported into and consumed in the US), I still like Pilsner Urquell (and in the new 1/2 liter can, it's a great summer beer) and, when fresh, would probably buy Rebel, Starobrno or Staropramen over Budvar's product, as well. In some respects, the lawsuits with Anheuser Busch are their best marketing gimmick.

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      It had been imported by Distinguished Brands for the last few years, until AB took over.

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        OK- they're also Fuller's importer, right? I was going by the initial links I had saved from the announcement/"creation" of the "Czechvar" pseudonym...

        Keeping track of importers and their "dba" names, and the beers they bring in makes following breweries look easy.

    2. Available in 12 oz 4/6 packs NR, green bottles
      17 oz (500 ml) 20/case, brown bottles, like getting four extra bottles in every case!
      50 oz more beer per case at no extra cost.



      140 NORTH AVENUE

      PITTSBURGH, PA 15209


      1. i just got a lead, trying to answer my own question. Blue Max Liquors in Burnsville Mn is ordering it and they HOPE to POSSIBLY have it in thursday/friday May 31/June1.

        1. Surdyk's in Minneapolis sells Budvar (Czechvar), Staropramen, and Urquell. Personally, I prefer Staropramen to Budvar, but that's just a personal opinion. I've declared this to be my summer of canned beer, and Urquell is available canned, so I'm drinking a lot of that this year.

          You can also try Cost Plus World Market (Edina, Woodbury, Roseville). I've seen Staropramen there, and presume they would have Czechvar as well.

          Na zdravĂ­! (to your health)