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May 25, 2007 08:39 PM

Indianapolis Steakhouses

Been there only once and went to St. Elmo's but I was not impressed. I know the chains like Morton's, Ruth's Chris, Cap Grille, etc. are there, but what about Moe's? It is on the list of top ten steakhouses for what that is worth (usually not much) but would like some local advice. Thanks

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  1. St Elmo's is over-rated IMO, it's like an institution for out-of-towners.
    Are you wanting to stay downtown? I haven't tried Moe's, it does get good write ups though. You might want to consider 14 West or Oceanaire as well if you do want to stay downtown.

    If you want to travel a bit I would highly recommend Peterson's, it's in Fisher's at 96th and I69. It's probably 35 minutes from downtown - except this weekend because of the race.
    Peterson's is locally owned, has excellent steak and seafood and the service is always stellar. A great wine list too!
    The pastry chef is pretty fabulous too if you like dessert!

    Have fun!

    1. IMHO Mo's is way overrated. The locals will generally prefer Sullivan's or, as the other poster said, Peterson's. Also try Broad Ripple Steakhouse-- friendly prices and a great area for walking after dinner. If you are willing to drive down to Bloomington, try Little Zagreb for delicious steaks.

      1. Looks like this thread has been around for awhile. Everyone is entitled to an opinion of course. I have lived in Indy for 47 years and remain a big fan of St; Elmos.They are on the R&I top 100 list and gross about $14 million a year so I'm not the only one that likes them.

        Haven't been to Mo's

        1. I didn't realize that Capital Grille was a chain. I can't believe that The Conrad didn't have the clout to bring in a chef that could clean up the mess left by Jonathan Wright. I guess it's easier to just farm out the food services to a chain. Pretty disappointing.

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            I agree it is disappointing. I was surprised when the signs when up and I realized they were going with a chain. I figured that the pain of not having a restaurant for months make them want to play it safe. While I heard they were doing a good job (at least at lunch), it is disappointing that the have not tried to add a unique dining note to our downtown.