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May 25, 2007 08:36 PM

Doe's Eat Place or Does not??

I have heard of this place with the delightful name for years and years but have not made it there. I can't understand what they can do to a t bone that I can't or any other decent steak house? Is it worth the trip? Thanks

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  1. Out of this world. 2nd best steak I've had after Lugers. I'm talking about the one in Greenville, MS. Check out Stern's review on roadfood.

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    1. re: steveindurham2

      Been to Luger's many times. Does Doe serve prime, dry-aged beef??

      1. re: steakman55

        Most definitely not. In fact, I am not even entirely sure that they serve prime wet-aged beef. However, when coupled with unique ambiance and the feeling that you're just there for a tasty steak, I can attest that Doe's is the type of place that deserves a visit, prime or not.

    2. Doe's in Greenville, MS is a legend but it's a real joint.......nothing like Peter Lugars. It's in an old wooden shack in the low end of town but there's a security guard out side. Get a large T Bone for two and eat some fried shrimp and tamales before your steak. Don't fill up as the salad and steak is out of the world.

      1. I grew up in Greenville, and for a lot of people the tamales were the big attraction, even more than the steaks.

        1. YES, YES, by all means YES! I'm not a huge tamale fan, but the steak is definitely worth the trip. They pile it high ontop of fries in a cast iron skillet so the fries take on an enbelievable flavor and that really makes it a different experience than most other steak houses.

          1. Doe's is just the coolest experience. You walk in through the kitchen and sit down to a meal of massive proportions. The steak, in my opinion, is not the highest quality beef. It was a little stringy but done correctly to order. The shrimp and tamales were excellent. Take a pocket full of cash and a large appetite, order a Budweiser and all the fixin's, and enjoy.