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May 25, 2007 08:32 PM

Shrimp and Grits anyone?

Had some recently that were sauteed in butter, garlic and rosemary, atop coarsely ground grits. Anyone have some good recipes for this pretty simple dish?

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  1. I rarely make it the same way. Generally, I'll make it either creamy or thin. Thin sauces tend to be pretty lemony. A few ingredients that I keep in consistently are garlic and lemon and well, that's about it. After that, there's many directions you can go in...

    I've made a few different versions with bacon... that always seemed to go along really well with the rest of the dish.

    It's such an open-ended dish, it's really hard to give any good advice. Many, many variations... I haven't tried any rosemary though.

    1. I like mine with some tasso ham. Render the fat out of the ham and put the crispy bits aside, add some shallot and garlic, then the shrimp and plenty of black pepper (won't need much salt if any at all owing to the ham). Add some fresh thyme and a splash of white wine and maybe a pat of butter. Let the sauce come together and serve it over grits, top with the ham bits.

      If you want to go a bit more for a serious sauce, after you saute the shallots and garlic and shrimp, take the shrimp out and add a tablespoon or two of flour and make a bit of a roux, to whatever stage you like, for shrimp I like a blonde roux. Then add some stock and the thyme and let it thicken up, then add the shrimp back in to warm through. Again, serve over grits topped with the ham.

      1. Save the shrimp shells (and heads if you have them) and simmer them for about 10 minutes in water with a splash of white wine, a bay leaf and what not to make a broth in which to cook the grits. Add butter and or cream to taste to the grits as they cook. It is not, despite all common sense, redundant to put a creamy sauce over creamy grits. If you cook the shrimp in a brown roux, say the shade of peanut butter, you'll have a nice contrast of flavour and colour.

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          I never throw shrimp shells away. If I can't use them in a dish to make a stock, I'll freeze them in a bag to use later. They add so much flavor to dish.

        2. I won't bore you with my recipe. Most of the tips I've read so far are good.
          I'll just tell you that I use shrimp stock when making the shrimp part of the dish. I've also made an andouille cheese grits for it to be served on a few time. Outstanding IMHO.


          1. This recipe is from the City Grocery in Oxford, MS:

            I've had it at the restaurant and it is fantastic. Planning to make it soon at home.

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              I can vouch for this one as well... Have had it a few times at the restaurant, and the recipe is all over the place, so I've made it at home as well.

              I like the way they do it at 208 S. Lamar as well... bit more South-Carolina-ish.

              If I'm going for creamy grits, I like to use the approach in Joy of Cooking for "low country cream style grits" (p. 350 in my edition). Basically, cook ~3/4 cups grits in about 3 cups of water with some butter and salt. When that gets thick after about 10 minutes or so, add in some chicken broth. Simmer that until it absorbs, and add in about 1.5 cups of heavy cream. Then simmer it a good hour or so. Plenty of oppurtunities to add in whatever other seasonings you like as well.