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May 25, 2007 08:29 PM

Midnight around LAX/Westside?

I did a quick search but didn't find any recent, extensive post about it --

Anyways, I'm picking up a friend from LAX around 11:30p tomorrow night; since she's coming from a 6-hour flight, I expect at least grab a mini-meal as we head back towards downtown. Wondering if there's anything along the way worth eating (i.e. not too far off the 405 or the 10). Something under $25/pp would be a bonus.

I'm guessing we have a few more options since it's on a Saturday, thanks for your help, nonetheless!


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  1. La Cabana in Venice is open until 2am or something like that. Take Lincon, turn left on get to the 10 freeway, hop back on lincoln for 10 minutes...voila.

    In-n-Out by the airport is open that late too.

    1. Pann's is a classic LA diner and it's reliable.

      You could also hit the Pacific Dining Car, which is downtown, for a classic LA meal.

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      1. re: glutton

        pac dining car is also in santa monica so it's on the westside.. but i'm not sure if it's open that late...

        besides in and out, there's always fatburger too...

        1. re: kinipela

          PDC in SM is open and serving the full menu that late.

          1. re: glutton

            Love Pann's, but I believe they close at 11pm every night.

          2. Original Pantry, Pacific Dining Car, The Standard (downtown), Fred 62, Canter's all come to mind as possiblities...

            Also, is BCD Tofu House open that late?

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              Thanks everyone so far (but keep 'em coming! options are always a plus!)- and yes, the Koreatown BCD is 24-hrs.


            2. A few more westside standards not mentioned yet (all very doable from LAX heading back to downtown): Jerry's Deli in the Marina, Swingers in Santa Monica, Johnnie's Pastrami (Sepulveda just north of Washington), Gaby's Mediterranean (just a few more minutes on Venice near Motor), The Kettle if you want to dip south to Manhattan Beach.

              Also, Fraiche just opened in Culver City and claims they will keep the kitchen open until at least midnight and perhaps as late as 2 PM (read it in an LA Times article)

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              1. re: dbuckho

                Head over to the Marina / Venice for some drinks and fun... and of course if you can get to Santa Monica then you are in heaven... great Sushi, Italian, and steak houses (Check out the Big Hotels in SM)

                1. re: dbuckho

                  Cinco De Mayo next to Titos/Johnny's Pastrami is open 24 hours...might be sketchy at that time of night though....

                  1. re: Xericx

                    I live around the corner from Cinco de Mayo and Johnny's Pastrami. There is not much else open late in those couple blocks of Sepulveda, and the 405 is right there - so the area feels like it should be sketchy - but in reality it is pretty quiet most times. Midnight should be fine.

                2. Beachwood's bar area serves until 2AM, and the bar menu is fantastic

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