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May 25, 2007 07:44 PM

Best steamed Alaskan King Crab legs / Snow crab legs?

I'm somewhat of a King crab leg afficionado, although snow crab legs do just fine as well. I'm curious to learn of locations where high quality king crab legs are served (steamed).

I've been to the following places thus far:
Joe's crab shack
Red Lobster

Red Lobster's crab legs are consistently horrendous in quality. Joe's crab shack crab legs are a notch above.

The best alaskan king crab legs I've had thus far are at Truluck's. It's a $30 dish, but it comes with an enormous king crab leg plus plenty of sides. Truluck's alaskan king crab legs are far superior in quality than joe's or red lobster's crab legs.

Fleming's offers king crab legs, but they are somewhat overpriced. Each dish is $50. The price was almost inviting to me; I thought "Hmm a $50 crab dish must be something extraordinary in quality, right?"

Wrong. Fleming's alaskan king crab legs are high quality, sure, but their quality is slightly lower than truluck's despite costing $20 more. The real surprise is that Fleming's offers literally half as much crab meat as compared to the Truluck's alaskan king crab leg dish. The dish was simply not worthy of costing $50.

Additionally, fleming's sides are not as large and hearty as the sides offered at truluck's.

I've enjoyed Truluck's king crab legs the most. Again, a warning - if anybody ever goes to Fleming's, I would not recommend the king crab legs. If you want king crab legs of comparable quality, go to Truluck's - you'll get more crab at equal if not higher quality plus more sides for nearly half the price.

Anyways, where else should I go for some delicious Alaskan king crab legs (or snow crab legs)?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I love Alaskan King Crab legs, and haven't really gotten any here in Austin, I usually treat myself to them when I on vacation elsewhere. I will have to check out Trulucks sometime.

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      For some reason, in the last six or eight months, it seems like Alaskan King crab legs have been cheap and plentiful in the local grocery stores. We've had several outstanding meals at home for less than $20 for two people. I just hope that they aren't being overharvested.........

    2. I totally agree with your review. I had Alaskin King Crab Legs at Flemings last night and they were dried out and needed the butter and not worth the cost. I did not pay the bill, but the menu price said $43.50. The onion ring side dish was hefty, so were the sauté mushrooms, but the creamed spinach was cold and disappointing. The two couples I went with agreed that the waitress was below average at best. The carrot cake and turtle pie with coffee for desert was aweful. It has been quite a long time since I have been to Flemings and after dinner last night I do not feel I will go back. I would rather spend half the money next door at Bonefish. I did like my Cosmopolitan with raspberry vodka.

      1. You can probably cross Freda's Seafood Grille off of the list because the crab legs I had there were boiled and not steamed so they were watery and washed out. I should have known better than to order them because the menu actually says "boiled". My bad was assuming that they would be boiled with seasoning or that maybe they actually meant steamed. No, straight-up boiled and flavorless.