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May 25, 2007 06:16 PM

Fine Dining Recs. Corpus Christi

I’ve been doing my reading and research on ChowHound, on restaurants in the Corpus Christi Area and, though many of the replies are related to articles from ‘02 - 05, there are a few that are more recent, but not many. The reason that I am asking is that my wife is being recruited for a position in Corpus Christi.

I’m a ‘hound in Phoenix, who spends much time in fine-dining establishments, around the globe. While PHX is not NYC, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans (pre-Katrina), Paris or London, it has a lot to offer - just got a new James Beard Award winner last week. If we were to relocate to Corpus Christi, what would be in store for us?

I’ve looked at all of the on-line menus, that I can find. I’ve poured over ever PDF wine list available (almost none). It looks like there are a few good spots, but, from the research, not that many, and mostly they would be typified as “family” restaurants. It does look like there is good mid-range eating, but I’ve nothing, that I would qualify as “fine-dining.” Now, a lot of my research was probably limited by the differences in geographical references, between anything in Tesxas, except for Dallas and Houston. Not knowing exactly what constitutes the Corpus Christi Area probably has me eliminating some places that would seem close-by by Phoenix standards. I’ve spent time on Mapquest and with my atlas, but just do not have a handle on the outlying burgs. I have probably missed a bunch in my searches. Phoenix is 500+ sq. miles, and growing hourly. The Metro-Area incorporates a dozen smaller city-entities, that I know. I realize that Corpus Christi is much smaller (300,000 vs 4.5M in the Winter), but I’m sure that some of the towns, that I would consider immediately accessible and next-door, are not in my search criteria, because of my lack of geographical knowledge of the area.

Since my wife is a great cook (could be a chef, if she wasn’t so good at other things) and we have no children, I’m most interested in fine-dining, since the “family” oriented spots would probably be just a diversion, when we do not cook in and want to explore local cuisine.

What I am looking for is an overview of the fine-dining scene in Corpus Christi, and its environs, plus recs. for wine lists, that are notable, and wine shops, that are well-stocked. Also, as I have a 6K btl. cellar, that would be moved, what are the laws, charges, general feelings, about BYO[Wine]? Here, in PHX, there are a lot of laws, that generally preclude much. Also, I’d rather support the restauranteur and buy off their list, unless it’s a special occasion.

I have many more questions, but none that are food/wine oriented. I’ll have to locate some fora to post those to.

Phoenix ‘hound, Hunt

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  1. Bill,

    We need another wino in this state. My husband and I moved here in December with our cellar and encountered no problems. BYOB is pretty common in DFW. In Corpus Christi I was impressed with the wine selection at Eddie Buhidar's Liquid Town. He had a great selection of wine including 1.5 and 3L for a very reasonable price. The local HEB has quite a selection as well.

    As far as dining is concerned, I dined at Vietnam Restaurant-great food- wine incredibly overpriced. There is a high end steakhouse called the Republic of Texas and Katz 21 Steak and Spirits (I wish I had eaten here). There are a lot more restuarants on the coast that I have not visited yet.

    I was only there for one night, so I am not that helpful. Hopefully someone else will answer you.


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    1. re: chickstein

      Thank you for the reply. You just got a wino from Colorado. He posts to, but is, in his heart a 'hound too - Ed Rasimus. He's done a bit of TX Wine-country traveling and reporting to that News Group.

      Do not know what might shake out, re CC, but I need to survey the landscape, so to speak, and see what options I am likely to encounter.

      Over the decades, we've spent time in DFW, Houston and San Antonio, but never CC, so I'm looking for ideas. So far, the Google searches have yielded but a few real dining options, beyond the neighborhood spots. Those are obviously nice, but I'm hoping that there are some undiscovered (to me) really high notes. Katz 21 had made most of my lists, and their wine list isn't too bad. Unfortunately, most of their high-end offerings are already in my cellar, and for dining out, I like to expand as much as I can.

      Fingers are crossed,

      1. re: chickstein

        Well, it appears that my young wife has chosen to take her hat out of the ring, so to speak. She has decided that the position in Corpus is not what she needs at this state of her career.

        Still, I appreciate the recs. on food and dining. We have many family members in the Houston Area, and on our next drive from PHX, will likely pass through Corpus, just for kicks. I'd really like ot try Katz 21, because it seemed interesting.

        I greatly appreciate the response, Chickstein, and may well be asking about some other area of the "Great State of Texas," as far as fine-dining and wine goes.