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May 25, 2007 05:40 PM

looking for old-fashion CAKE

I have a conundrum. I have a big birthday coming up and I just want to find good old fashioned white birthday cake. 6". It can have coconut frosting. No fruity fillings for me. Just dryish white cake - kind of like the kind that Safeway sells. But, here is the clincher. I I'm into LESS SWEET. So, does anyone know of a bakery in the east bay that does simple, not very sweet, white or nearly white coconut cake? Or, actually, I'm not picky about the outside frosting. Just no fancy fruit fillings! I know I could make it myself, but I'm time strapped. Thanks!!

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  1. Neldham's. However I'm not sure of the filling. I think they might put lemon in it. However, if you don't need it today or tommorrow you could probably order it without the lemon filling.

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    1. You could also check with Virginia Bakery (on Shattuck at Virginia in Berkeley).

      1. safeway and costco cakes are pretty good for last minute cake... i don't know where you are in the east bay, but vienna bakery on mowry in fremont has great cakes.... they sell specialty cakes, but they also do sheet cakes... not very sweet.. very very moist...

        1. I too recommend Virginia for June Cleaver-ish layer cakes.

          They take spl orders, so you could prob ask them to dial down the sweetness in the frosting. W/ all the highend, $$$$, frou frou cakes available in the area (which I enjoy) I still find myself at Virginia 2-3 times/yr to relive my childhood.

          1. Neldam's is a good choice. There's also Merriot Bakery...also old school and you can tell them how you want it made.