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Oct 17, 2005 06:02 PM

Memphis minni'e's

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Has it dropped in quality since leaving it's York st. address? Still worth the shclep.

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  1. When was Memphis Minnie's on York Street? Must be at least 6 or more years ago. The location on Haight Street usually gets good reviews here, which I agree with. Never tried it on York St., so I can't compare the two locations.

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      We had a superb brunch there a couple of months ago--I believe they are doing brunch on Saturday and Sunday. The BBQ Pork Hash, the corn fritters, the cheese grits... I can hardly wait to do it again.

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        I am pretty sure I read on this board a month or so ago that Memphis Minnie's was no longer going to serve brunch. If you are thinking of going over there for brunch, you should defintely give them a call first.

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          This year-old topic got bumped over numerous more recent topics. Here's the one with the bad news about brunch:

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        It doesn't match the coziness of York Street....1996-97 Que is just as good though

        kim @ apizza

      3. I'm a big fan of MM's. I discovered it when it was in one side of Johnny Loves bar on Polk and Broadway; I guess York St. was before that.

        1. Shaw! I went earlier this year, everything was excellent. The pork shoulder was juicy along with the brisket. The fresh (not frozen) beef ribs were huge and meaty. The sides are always made fresh on site. A friend went recently and said all was just as we had, except the brisket was a little dry. My sister and husband went and gave a thumbs up. Then they went across the street and bought 30 dollars worth of fresh sausages at Rosamunde. An excellent afternoon.


          1. We used to get there two or three times a year... a few years ago.

            These days... well, it hasn't been the same in a long time.

            Dry cornbread, overcooked meats, bad tasting mac and cheese...

            The sweet tea is still good, but other then that... it's past it's prime, IMHO.


            1. I'm from North Carolina, originally from Tennessee, and I have a daughter in Austin, Texas. I've eaten barbecue for a long time, in a great many classic -- i.e., Southern -- places. I was amazed to find authentic wood-cooked barbecue in downtown San Francisco: Far too many places downhome have given up and switched to gas, but Bob Kantor cuts no corners. Even his side dishes are terrific. How he does such good greens without any meat in them is beyond me, but those and his mac and cheese and his sweet potato and pecan pies (all made in the place) give vegetarians something to eat while their friends chow down on absolutely first-rate brisket and ribs. My buddy Vince Staten, author of the book Real Barbecue, says this is the best barbecue in the state, but I think that's too modest a claim: It's right up there among the best in the country. San Franciscans should count themselves lucky to have it right there on Haight Street.

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                Interesting, you and I agree, as did a chef/food-service-major friend I introduced to MM. It's as good as any I've had anywhere. My bbq experience is mostly Missouri/Kansas City and some Texas. If you do some searching here, you'll find others who don't agree with us. I guess that's just the nature of barbecue preferences. I've had one "off" meal in all the times I've been there (the brisket was a bit mushy).

                You might want to give the new place, Roadside BBQ on Geary, a try. Good meat, bad baked beans, good slaw and sweet potato fries. Also Doug's in downtown Half Moon Bay. Good meat, good baked beans.