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Review: Gibson's

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Just got back to Chicago. I am a big fan of your city!

So after much searching and googling and chowhounding, we decided on Gibson's for our "Chicago Steakhouse" experience. I wasn't disappointed and in fact was more then pleasantly surprised.

The best part was the steak (which is always a good thing). I had the Chicago cut, which is a bone in rib eye. What I loved most, besides how flavorful and juicy the meat was, was the delicious crust on the outside - I didn't touch the salt shaker once, which is rare for me.

The creamed spinich was as good as I have had at any steakhouse, no better - no worse.We were talked into the stuffed potato which was HUGE and was very good - and I'm not really a big potato fan.

The crab and avacado salad was fine but completely unmemorable. It was also totally unnecessary because the meal comes with a salad. I wouldn't recommend it.

Couldn't fit desert.

The total meal (two of us) with two cocktails, an inexpensive bottle of wine, and tip hovered around $200-220 (sorry, I can't remember exactly).

As for the ambience, I found the service to be very friendly. We were seated quickly (a surprise given some of the other comments). It was a lively crowd. Great old school feel.

Based on this experience I would definitely recommend. For pictures and more info, www.kitchencocktail.blogspot.com

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  1. I love Gibsons, I think it is the epitome of what a steakhouse should be. And the overweight businessmen and their trophy wives that populate the place make it even more credible... I wholeheartedly agree that the chicago cut is one of the best steaks there is, and well worth the $40. Thanks for the review--Gibson's gets a lot of flack, not sure why. It's always excellent.