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Cinnamon rolls or other tasty breakfast treat in West LA

My sister is coming to town for the weekend and I wanted to get up a little early and get some cinnamon rolls or other tasty treat for breakfast. Any recommendations? I'm around Manning and National.

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  1. Primo's Donuts on Sawtelle just barely south of National. Glazed Buttermilk Bar's and if they have their big brown cinnamon rolls with icing get those too.

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      I think our local hero and poet laureate Tony Michaels meant just barely North of National. I think Tony had his directions reversed because those glazed buttermilk bars cause him to do backflips of sublime ecstasy, thereby reversing his equillibrium... Tony, stick with the the unglazed buttermilks - stay away from all that sugar... ;)

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        I was thinking about doooooooooonnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuuts and lost my bearings. Thanks for finding them (my wife will be thrilled!).

    2. I went to two places on Mother's Day weekend and both were great. Not exactly close to Manning and National (I'm on Santa Monica and Prosser), but traffic was a breeze at 9 on Sunday.

      Maison du Pain on Pico. The baguette was disappointing, but the croissant was lovely.

      Susina: thay have a HUGE bakery case of scones, danishes, tarts, croissants, good coffee, espresso, and all the usual bakery dessert items if you want to buy something for later in the day.

      Here are some of the treats: http://www.chezpei.com/uploaded_image...

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        The fruit tarts at Maison du Pain are worth it too!

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          in the past maison du pain has been closed on sundays. have they changed their days/hours?

        2. Grand Casino Bakery on Main St. in Culver City is pretty close to you. Super cheap quite tasty pastries. I'm not sure about cinnamon rolls specifically though. Lots of little breakfast-y pastries (called fracturas), and really good chocolate croissants. I think they're open at 7am.

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          1. Banana chocolate danishes at Amandine. Actually, all of the pastries they make are incredible, but the banana chocolate ones are quite unlike anything I've ever had. I'm drooling at the recollection...

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              I second everything at Amandine... The one thing I've yet to try is that pie with the banana, caramel and chocolate concoction... Anybody?

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                THIRD! I'll share a piece of the pie with you Bulavinka---it looks gooood!

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                  Hey RP, you've been running away from the boards for a while... hope all is well - You mean to tell me you have yet to try that pie? I was counting on you for a thumbs up or down... :)

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                    Hey there! Thanks so much! I was eating my way through a cruise (Panama, on Princess) for 16 days. Actually lost two pounds via constant activities that I have now gained back due to Milk, Bulgarini, Doughboys, and the like. OH WELL! Thanks for the welcome back!

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                      Well someone's gotta keep those cruise ships in business, right? Now that you're back, the local sweeteries will be back on course as well... :)

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                  Tried it yesterday. It was quite tasty but I still prefer the banana-chocolate danish. Caramel and bananas concoction was balanced too precariously -- it kept falling off when I would cut into the crust.

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                    I would have mashed my face into it - take no prisoners! Thanks for scouting this out...

                    1. re: bulavinaka

                      LOL -- who says I didn't in the end? I actually find this is a problem with several of their tart-type pastries, including the one with strawberries and pistachios, which looks great but falls apart too easily.

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                        Hey, bulavinaka, I was at Amandine yesterday and realized I may have misunderstood your reference. I was talking about the tart-type thing in the pastry section. I just noticed, however, that they also make a pie version, which is in the pie case.

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                            Oh man, please don't tell you made a pass on the pie... that one stopped me dead in my tracks when I first saw it...

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                              Well, I was kind of budgeting my calories and wasn't so sure the pie would do well overnight...that was probably an error. BUT----that pie is next in line for my "post-20 mile training run treat". 2 weeks away!

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                                OK, I finally I tried the banana-caramel pie. It's tasty, and holds together much better than the tart I mentioned. But it's made mostly of cream -- whipped and pastry -- which just isn't my thing. Bottom line, the banana-chocolate danish still has its sticky fingers wrapped around my heart.

                  2. More on the savory side of things, check out Rockenwagner Bakery (on Abbot Kinney in Venice or on Washington in Culver City). They've got a bacon-cheddar pretzel twist that is staggeringly good. We're talking about something legendary here. Were I not interested in living to a ripe old age, this is soemthing I could eat at every meal.

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                      3 Square also has a cheddar twist with no bacon, but what's the point... lots of other goodies there - their raspberry sandwich is epic with a creme freche. They have a very substantial version of cinnamon rolls - light on the cinnamon, heavy on crumb, and the dough is stout stuff. One of these rolls will fill the average person after downing it with a cuppa joe...

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                        I concur. In fact, today I was just on my way back to work after procuring one of these wondrous creations when my car got totalled by a light-cutter. All I could think about while filing the police report was my precious bacon-cheddar twist. One bite and all was forgotten...

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                          Glad you're ok! And like a true ChowHound - ya saved the Bacon-Cheddar Twist!

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                            Geez, I hope you're okay... more bacon-cheddar pretzel twists - stat! I hope you ate the pretzel twist with relish in front of the offender... :}

                            1. re: bulavinaka

                              Thanks guys, I'm fine and fully insured. Thankfully, the twist was fine too, and as delicious as always! I fear I might need to head back to Rockenwagner for more goodies to cure the stiffness around my neck. I think a white choc raspberry scone is just what I need :)

                        2. Belwood Bakery in Brentwood (Barrington Court, just south of Sunset) has great pastries, sandwiches, and cakes.

                          1. I love the cinnamon danish/rolls from Beverlywood Bakery... the ones that are oblong shaped with strips of dough wrapped crosswise. So tasty warmed over.

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                              Is this the place on Robertson? I've always wondered how that place is. Is it good in general, or especially the cinnamon rolls?

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                                Everything's pretty good, but the cinnamon danishes are my favorite... Been eating them for over twenty years...

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                                  The Beverlywood Bakery is on Pico near Doheny. Fred's Bakery is on Robertson. Fred's cinnamon rolls are amazing. The problem is that the new owners have them on an irregular basis. Many of the old items have been eliminated in favor of chichi Asian bakery goods. The owners are not to be seen and the counter people, who have been there forever, have no idea why something as simple as a creamcheese/raisin danish has been eliminated.

                            2. I'd second Primo's if you're in the mood for donuts, or Royal Donuts on Palms & Sepulveda if all you want is the cinamon roll.

                              For more traditional baked goods, Jamaica's Cakes on Pico & Gateway is pretty solid. Their coffee isn't superlative though. If memory serves (and sometimes it doesn't), the cinamon roll was pretty good.

                              For muffins & scones, I like Breadworks (I think that's what it's called) on Cotner right across the street from the Wine House & the 405 on-ramp. Weird location.

                              Agree that for anything croissant-ish, Amandine (Wilshire west of Bundy) is the place. Their almond croissants are wondrous. I too have been eyeing that caramel-banana-cream concoction. It will be mine, someday.

                              Oh, also, City Bakery on 26th & San Vicente, a little bit more of a hike and a lot more expensive, has some good treats. This would be a good place to actually bring your sister - it's oh so L.A.

                              Some people like Hotcakes in Mar Vista, me not so much. Their cinamon roll was ridiculously dry and flavorless last time I had it. But their canneles are okay.

                              Enjoy your weekend!

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                                I love the concept of Hotcakes, but their offerings are so tooth-achingly sweet! The owner is such a lovely lady and her pastries are so pretty but the sugar-overload is a little extreme.

                              2. There are lots of yummy backed goods and everything else at Clementine on Ensley Ave.

                                1. Believe it or not the pecan cinnamon rolls from Pavillions are quite good, and baked fresh everyday. I nuke them for about 45 seconds and there great. Milk also has great pastries too. I believe the name is the little next door has good pastries.

                                  1. For your location, Manning and National, there are two options and one question. If you like crispy big fried glazed cinnamon rolls, then you go to Royal Donuts. It is in the middle of the stripmall on the S/E corner of Sepulveda and Palms, across from the Trader Joe's. Supplement your big crispy cinnamon rolls with some of their fine crumb donuts, very delicate in contrast. If you like lighter raised baked cinnamon rolls with those streaks of white frosting, go to Primo's, which is on Sawtelle just north of National. Supplement them with buttermilk bars, their specialty. There was a recent thread on a Primo's vs. Royal taste-off, which Royal did surprisingly well, especially for their coffee, which I don't drink. (TJ's for cold milk.)

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                                      Honestly, to have these two within a few minutes of each other leaves us a bit jaded... I really really like your idea about the nice cold milk from TJ's...

                                    2. The Pilsbury cinnamon buns with Cinnabun Cinnamon (make sure you get this kind) are out of this world. Try putting mixing the icing with some peanut butter and sprinkle some oatmeal on the top. It might be worth the diabetes.