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May 25, 2007 03:57 PM

Yalda Grill and kabob house


Tried a new place for lunch where the old Tonellis use to be

This is an afghan place with a menu of various kebabs.

Tried the Chaplee kabob burger - pretty good

Saw a group try the kabobs - looked good will try later this weekend
they have some pasta and pizzas but I guess that is satsfy the less adventurous types.

222 Horsham Road
Horsham PA, 19044

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  1. Yes, it's a good place to go with the kids or other non-adventerous diners. They can have pizza or pasta and you can have one of their kabobs. It's a friendly family-run restaurant and they are making an attempt to dress it up.

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      We have been there two times - very good food and different from the usual Italian and Chain restaurant. Phenomenal lambchop kebabs (actual lamb chops that would cost a fortune in another restaurant - that are spiced and gilled) and many other great dishes. Also good because they serve pizza so the kids are happy. My only complaint is that the service is haphazard - a very willing waitstaff but they seem inexperienced and service is slow. BYOB is also a plus.

    2. glad to see someone post about this place... i was wondering if it was any good. definitely do report back on the kabobs!

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        This is one of our go-to places. The lamb kabobs are phenomenal, as are the grilled veggies and rice that go along with them. The beef kabobs are also delicious. And the bread they serve is addictive!! They also sometimes have a shrimp kabob special that is sooo tasty. It's very casual so we can take our two year old daughter and not worry too much about it because there are always lots of families there. She loves it because they always bring her french fries and ice cream so that we can get a little break to eat while she digs in! It's also shockingly inexpensive -- lamb and beef kabobs like the ones Yalda serves could easily cost $10 more someplace else.

      2. Thanks for recommending Yalda Grill We were in the Abington area yesterday afternoon so this was very convenient before heading back on the Turnpike to NJ. We started with the Baunjaun Bouranee appetizer, described as "Grilled eggplant, green pepper, fresh tomato, Mediterranean over seasoned sauce served with homemade bread" Very very good. The yogurt sauce adds just the right amount of tang. For entrees we had the Qaubili Palau $10.95, a rice pilaf with lamb, raisins, carrots and a lentil sauce and Mantu $9.95 which the menu describes as "Ground beef and onions- filled dumpling topped with homemade yogurt, meat sauce and mint" (actually a lentil sauce which went very well with the yogurt) served with delicious grilled vegetables. Think of ravioli Both entrees were excellent and the custard-like afghan pudding was also delicious. We come back to try some of the grilled dishes. Would never have known about this place without this board.