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May 25, 2007 03:24 PM

Recommendations for French macarons?

I just returned from Paris and while there, I gorged myself on, well everything, but mostly the little french macarons. Now I need my fix. Does anyone know where I can get them, in either Boston or Cambridge? Especially the pistachio ones!

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  1. Pretty sure they have them at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge.

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    1. re: bear

      You will find them at Fromaggio in Cambridge for sure. The man who makes them is French and they taste just like the ones at Laduree. yum.

      1. re: mellospice

        The macarons at Formaggio are great. The flavors vary, but I've had the pistachio and they are good.

    2. I know Petit Robert Bistro had them at their pastry bar...

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      1. re: bex77

        Also Formaggio in the South End.

      2. The ones at LA Burdick's are quite good. Bad news is that the Cambridge store is closed for renovations for several weeks.

        1. I had them at brunch recently at Miel at the Intercontinental hotel. Will have to check out Formaggio's. Up until recently I had to get my fix in NYC!

          1. i stopped by formaggio kitchen yesterday. they had plenty of macaroons (as in the ball-of-coconut variety) made by lakota bakery, but there were no macarons to be found as far as i could tell. i asked the staff if they sold french macarons, but they just pointed me to the macaroons. ah well.

            i have had the macarons at petit robert bistro. they're on the dessert menu - $5.50 for 6 small ones, i think - and they're terrific. i thought they were pretty authentic, especially if you're trying to re-live a paris macaron experience.

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            1. re: okitt

              I was there today and there was a big display including samples. The macarons are usually in the display case to the left of the Lakota cookies. They are tucked in by the cakes. Maybe Saturday is the day to go, between the BBQ and the cookies. Warning: it does get annoyingly, crazily packed on Saturdays.

              1. re: beetlebug

                Perhaps you are each shopping at a different Formaggio?