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May 25, 2007 03:15 PM

Waffles for brunch in SF?

I'm hoping to find a good brunch place in San Francisco that has great waffles. I went to St. Francis Fountain for the first time last weekend (the crowds were thinner due to Bay to Breakers). They had citrus pecan waffles which were good, and for 1 dollar more we got unlimited real Vermont maple syrup, which was well worth it. However, the waffles were kind of small and I'm looking more for big, Belgian waffles.

Any places in the Mission, Potrero Hill, Noe Valley or Bernal Heights area would be best, but anywhere in SF might work. I would go for brunch on weekends, so places that serve waffles all morning and early afternoon are best.

Thanks a lot,

Dave MP

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  1. Modern Tea at Hayes and Laguna has fine waffles, served, if I remember correctly, with sliced fruit and syrup. And of course an excellent tea selection. Not cheap, but waffles rarely are.

    Long ago, my favorite waffles were at What's for Dessert, where Amberjack now is at Church and 27th. I ate them every weekend, with seasonal fruit and yogurt. I still miss Mervyn's eclairs.

    1. That funky old diner It's Tops at Market and Octavia uses a waffle iron from the 1950s and their waffles are good. It's a fun place, too.

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        Their bacon waffles are a treat, but the waffles come out very thin - like my mom used to make and far less like Belgian waffles would be. But bacon inside them? Shockingly delicious, especially at 1am.

      2. My husband just had a nice Belgian waffle at Pork Store on 16th this morning.

        1. Butler and the Chef has waffles on the weekend. The bites I've had have been good (never have ordered one for myself because i can't get past the quiche).

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            I always wondered about B&C. I worked in South Park when they opened and left at the beginning of the year...but never tried it. Always struck me as odd...small space, the name, etc.

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              It's one of the few place in the 'hood open for sunday brunch/lunch. Their quiche and breads are really good and they have a decent sized outside patio. I remember going for lunch when they first opened and being underwhelmed but once I had the quiche I was hooked.

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                Butler and Chef looks like a great possibility for Belgian Waffles. I'll hopefully give it a try sometime soon. Thanks!

          2. I am a fan of waffles myself. Hope you found something for this past weekend. But I have noticed that a new place opened in Hayes Valley called STACKS.
            501 Hayes St. (tel: 415-241-9011) There is the original in Burlingame I believe.

            Although it's featuring pancakes/crepes I did notice the menu did have Belgian Waffles on the web-menu. I have NOT tried this place but perhaps someone else has. Any reports back would be great! Hope this helps. I think Hayes Valley is nice 'hood for brunch.

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              Stack's is a chain that is found mostly in the suburbs around here. They are cashing in on the gentrification of Hayes Valley. It's better than Denny's, but not as good as the other recos on this thread. The food is nothing spectacular, but ample in portion (and a little pricey for what you get IMO). They feature straight forward American breakfast fare.