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May 25, 2007 02:20 PM

Need ideas for a Hawaiian side dish

There is a Hawaiian-themed potluck on Sunday for which I am signed up to bring a side dish, but I seem to be drawing a blank on this one. I've done a bit of searching on the Internet, but all I seem to get are either things that require ingredients I can't really get here or things that just don't sound too appealing. What would be good to make for a Hawaiian side dish?

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    1. Don't know if you would call this a "side dish" or maybe an appetizer: Spam on a stick! The Hawaiians love their Spam. I cut it into cubes and thread it on wood skewers along with pineapple chunks, red onion, and green peppers. Slather it with teriyaki sauce and grill over charcoal. Can be made ahead of time and served warm or cold.

      Another idea--more of a side dish--might be bacon fried rice. Google for recipes.

      1. Is the side dish supposed to be veggie based, a salad, or just something other than "main dish"?

        My mom makes a yummy cold noodle salad with the somen noodles (think angel hair spaghetti), sliced cucumbers, and a dressing made with sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar and sugar (I start with equal parts of the liquids, add sugar to taste and then adjust until I'm happy).

        Fruit salad with pineapple would be nice. Or you could make a Waldorf salad but mix coconut milk into the whipped cream.

        It could just be because my memories of visiting relatives in Hawaii involved going to this little bakery with the best creampuffs -filled with custard, not whipped cream - but you could bring mini creampuffs.

        What's more Hawaiian than Spam? There have to be a million Spam recipes out there! You can make Spam musubi by taking a slice of Spam (cut it in half to make mini musubi) and placing it over a block of rice and then wrapping nori over it. Oh, pan fry the Spam first.

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          I don't think anyone is going to be too picky about what I bring. I actually thought about Spam musubi as a possibility, and I do happen to have some Spam around the house I've never figured out what to do with, so I might give that a try.. I'm not sure how many people out there associate Spam with the islands though...

        2. macaroni potato salad. It is standard on most plate lunches.

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            On a sort of salad-related note, I've made this potato-crab salad before and everyone really liked it. The description claims it's a standard on lunch plates in Hawaii, but the comments disagree a bit. Either way, it was definitely a hit when I served it.


          2. How "traditional" are you supposed to be? Is it "true" hawaiian food (ie poi, squid luau), more post contact (lomi salmon, pickled onions) or contemporary (teri steak, mac salad). Sweet potatoes are not widely known to be hawaiian, but were a staple - almost as much as poi, for most polynesians, especially the purple variety (purple once you cook them). They are more commonly known as Okinawan sweet potato now.