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Eek! Last Minute! Cheap? Maybe in the Village?

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I'm in sudden need of an inexpensive place for dinner! Ideally the Village, although could do a bit above or below.

I was thinking maybe Italian (pasta starting around $12-$14), but every place I've checked is quite a bit more. Any ideas?

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  1. Try Frank or Li'l Frankies. Very good. Very cheap. On 2nd and 1st aves. respectively.

    1. Cacio e Pepe. We've eaten there once, and the food was very good. Acc. to the menu on their website, the pastas range from $12.95 (for the eponymous dish) to $17.95. Not sure how up-to-date those prices are.


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        I second Cacio e Pepe. We've eaten there twice and the food was excellent and very affordable. Another good choice is Gaetana's. It's reasonably-priced, down-home, italian-american food.

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          I like cacio e pepe too. But I went there last friday, and the pastas seemed to be more in the 15-20 range. Don't quote me on that... when I was there I didn't know there'd be a quiz on it.

      2. Maybe Thai food at Sea?

        1. Cacio e Pepe, Max
          Piadina, for a step down

          1. Otto's pastas are all in or below that price range.
            You will likely have to wait.

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              yeah but they all taste like they were made by lean cuisine.

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                I've never had that experience--all the pastas I've had at Otto (w/the exception of one overcooked dish) have been very good.

            2. Bianca on Bleeker by bowery st. or Maxs on 4th & B is inexpensive.

              1. Supper!!! Its a sister restaurant to Frank/Lil Frankies - I happen to like it the best of all three and the least typical Italian of the three (although you can totally get spaghetti bolognese if thats what you want). The pastas actually start around $10. It's on 2nd St just east of Ave A.

                1. Sorry for the delay, but it's more problematic since Chowhound changed format. Just wanted to thank you all. We ended up at Cacio e Pepe, but unfortunately I was very disappointed. (Sorry, RGR.) The tomatoes in the tomato salad were crisply unripe, the pasta was undercooked with gloppy sauce, the dessert was blandly ordinary. Maybe I picked a bad night?

                  Anyway, I still appreciated the replies, and hope to try some of the other suggestions in the future. (And, by the way, in a totally different area - the west 120s - I had a terrific, cheaper Italian dinner at Pisticci the other night.)

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                    There's also Cucina di Pesce http://www.cucinadipesce.com/ . Definitely inexpensive.

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                      Inexpensive, but I never thought it was good. What do you like there?

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                      Nothing to apologize for, Fida. We've only been there once, so I can only go by that one good meal. Lots of Hounds do seem to like it. Regardless, I'm sorry that your experience was so disappointing.

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                        I just went to Cacio e Pepe Monday night and had 2 nice pastas (gnocchi and a fusili w/ricotta). Have been to the restaurant about 5 times now and it continues to be solid, in my opinion.

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                          Same with me. I went most recently last week and had a great tagliatelle (I think it was) with calamari. Maybe they do certain pastas better than others? I've always been a fan of the bucatini alla amatriciana.

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                            I went there two weeks ago and also had the bucatini as well. It was excellent. Though I find the experience of eating bucatini in general to be tedious and annoying.

                            I'd probably prefer farfalle with this sauce.

                      2. In case you still haven'd decided on a place, I suggest Meskel which is on 199 E 3rd St, Btwn Ave A & B. Alhtough you were thinking Italian, perhaps you would be open to checking out Ethiopian. This place is great! Super cheap and unbelieveable food. Great for groups

                        1. Frank on 2nd ave. for pasta, Inotecca on Ludlow for italian tapas