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May 25, 2007 01:31 PM

Eek! Last Minute! Cheap? Maybe in the Village?

I'm in sudden need of an inexpensive place for dinner! Ideally the Village, although could do a bit above or below.

I was thinking maybe Italian (pasta starting around $12-$14), but every place I've checked is quite a bit more. Any ideas?

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  1. Try Frank or Li'l Frankies. Very good. Very cheap. On 2nd and 1st aves. respectively.

    1. Cacio e Pepe. We've eaten there once, and the food was very good. Acc. to the menu on their website, the pastas range from $12.95 (for the eponymous dish) to $17.95. Not sure how up-to-date those prices are.

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        I second Cacio e Pepe. We've eaten there twice and the food was excellent and very affordable. Another good choice is Gaetana's. It's reasonably-priced, down-home, italian-american food.

        1. re: rfelicello

          I like cacio e pepe too. But I went there last friday, and the pastas seemed to be more in the 15-20 range. Don't quote me on that... when I was there I didn't know there'd be a quiz on it.

      2. Maybe Thai food at Sea?

        1. Cacio e Pepe, Max
          Piadina, for a step down

          1. Otto's pastas are all in or below that price range.
            You will likely have to wait.

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            1. re: Gordognyc

              yeah but they all taste like they were made by lean cuisine.

              1. re: sam1

                I've never had that experience--all the pastas I've had at Otto (w/the exception of one overcooked dish) have been very good.