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May 25, 2007 01:09 PM

New Upper Beach Organic Bakery

Rejoice Beachers and Upper Beachers: New World Organics bakery just opened a few weeks ago. Owners are Vicki (ex-Le Cafe Vert) and William Tretiak (ex-Revival, Gio's, and Peppino's).

Shop is on Main Street just south of Gerrard on the east side of the street. There is no signage yet. I just finished having one of their Dark Horse brownies. I took it home and added a dollop of vanilla ice cream and a handful of raspberries. Yummy.

There's a profile posted at TasteTO today.

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  1. I first tried their date squares at Dark Horse on Queen East. They are delicious and huge! I went to check out the bakery last week. We bought some breaded eggplant to bring home. Unfortunately they went really soggy in the container and couldn't be revived in the oven. They told me that they will also be at the Riverdale Farmer's Martket on Tuesday's. Definitely worth checking out.

    1. Do they offer breads also, or is it just bars/sweets?

      1. While you're in the neighbourhood, walk up Main Street over the railway bridge to Grumbles Deli-Cafe, 290 Main on the west side just below Danforth. It's a much smaller reincarnation of a place down on Queen East in the Beaches that closed a few years ago. They have German and other European bakery goodies, great meat pies and sliced meats and a host of other foreign delicacies. Oh, and they have breads too, Professor Plum! There's also a small dining area at the back. The atmosphere and the hospitality of the owners make Grumbles worth a visit.

        1. Update on this: it looks like the bakery is no longer. Can you believe it?

          I bumped into the owner who said that she was too exhausted to continue running the retail part of the place.