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May 25, 2007 12:20 PM

SFV- for dinner tonight

Anyone have any dinner suggestions for a casual but good dinner tonight - early (5:30ish so I figure we might actually get in last minute at quite a few places) - folks arriving from NYC and will be tired - open to anything from Studio City to Woodland Hills - thought about Bizou, Gorikee, Stanley's (all the usual suspects) but wouldn't mind something new or long forgotten if anyone has an idea or two - all of us are eaters so anything goes as long as its good...

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  1. Boneyard Bistro, Max's, Alcazar, Mistral, La Frite...

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    1. re: Redvixen

      We've taken them to Boneyard a few times already - have been wanting to get to Max's but might be a bit "fancy" post-flight? what do you think? Need something casual and easy... La Frite is a thought - haven't had dinner there in quite a while...
      I don't know Alcazar but just did a quick check and we dig Mediterranean so that may be a good choice - who's been? comments?? reviews seemed mixed and mention of smoke smell concerns me (all non-smokers here)

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        The Great Greek in Studio City.

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          Alcazar is great! Get a Mezze special, a whole bunch of them, and you will hae a good time!

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            Re: Alcazar, i am a non-smoker and I've never had a problem with a smoke smell, but I've always sat inside. I'm sure if you sat outside that might be a problem. I think the food there is delicious and their hummus is fantastic, similar to the Sabra brand I buy in Gelsons but better.

        2. Gorikee has happy hour from 5 to 6:00 p.m., which essentially means free soup and free dessert. Super deal, great food.

          Toast at Woodland Hills next to Nicola's was pretty yummy when I went for lunch. A bit more upscale than Gorikee's but still casual enough.

          I second La Frite for their mussels and frite.

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            Yeah - La Frite is sounding pretty good. FYI, the night I ate at Toast I was not at all impressed... thought it was decent bordering on not good - maybe it's better for lunch? I wouldn't plan to go back - it was that mediocre...and to be honest, I think I still hold a grudge about losing Stanley's West years ago (lol) - thanks for the Tip on Gorikee (as if it wasn't a bargain enough already)

          2. TommyRays might fit the bill. Nth side of Ventura Blvd, btw Laurel C and Whitsett.

            Also ZenChi Cafe -- both are good but not outstanding. On Sth side of Moorpark at Tujunga.

            Mezzomondo is a highly underrated and casual place for good Italian fare.
            Nth side of Ventura Blvd, btw Laurel C and Whitsett.

            All these places are fairly casual and have affordable menus.

            1. POST DINNER: Ended up at Japanese BBQ at Van Nuys and Ventura - I think it is a chain. Anyway, it wasn't the greatest ever but it was certainly tasty and fit the bill. I would actually recommend it for a quick and casual dinner - somewhat like Korean BBQ but with Japanese marinades and tapas size portions - lamb chops with basil marinade, grilled eggplant with miso, kobe beef, garlic shrimp, decent cold sake - also, they have a version of a rice dish I've had before at a Korean place - that was terrific - bimbim-something. After reading all the posts from after I took off on Friday, Alcazar has gotta be the ticket - next time. Thanks all.

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              1. re: truefoodie

                Dfinitely Alcazar.

                But for BETTER Japanese BBQ, Skip Gyu kaku and head down Ventura to Goichi (Gochi?) in encino/tarzana. WAYYYYY better. get the tongue.

                1. re: truefoodie

                  Gochi in Encino is so yummy and I heard much better than Gyu Kaku. I love Gochi and have never been to GK, but feel there is no need to after the reviews.

                  1. re: WHills

                    Re: Gochi...
                    went. agreed. thanks!!