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May 25, 2007 12:19 PM

Favorite New Restaurant...

If you had a gift certificate to any new restaurant in Boston, where would you go? My company gave me this award, and I have no idea where I should request my certificate to be from. I thought I'd try out a new restaurant to the city, but I'm not sure which one. I'm looking for an upscale, business casual restaurant with a great wine list and atmosphere. I'm open to cuisine, but want to go to one of the best new restaurants.

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    1. re: limster

      Especially if the gift certificate is for unlimited dollars.

      1. re: Luther

        $250 should be able to cover it for one person, drinks and all.

    2. If you haven't been to Sorellina, that'd be fun.

      1. O Ya would be up there.

        I'd consider KO Prime too.. in the old Spire space. A group of us were very favorably impressed last week..scroll down for the thread.

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        1. re: 9lives

          I second the Sorellina suggestion.....great place. The food, decor and service are all outstanding.

          1. re: edgewater

            Good suggestions all - O Ya, Sorellina, KO Prime, and I like Copia too.

            1. re: Rubee

              can u tell us alittle more about O YA location,foof and service.Thank You

              1. re: lobster lover

                O Ya is near Les Zygomates downtown. It's creative, delicious sushi but not your spicy tuna roll variety.

          2. I think Sorellina is one of the best new restaurants. There are a lot of new places that have made a big splash recently (e.g., Rocca, Beehive), but I think Sorellina has amazing Italian food (better than anything in the North End in my opinion), fabulous service, and great decor/atmosphere. That would be my choice. Have you been to Dante? That's always good, too (it's a year old, does that count as new?). For "wow" wine lists, we love Meritage (and Daniel Bruce is pretty amazing in the kitchen, too). Haven't been to KO Prime yet, and I don't like sushi so I know nothing about O Ya. Hope that helps!