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May 25, 2007 11:35 AM

Sausage Run!!! Fred's Franks Report. How does it compare to Speeds

Had a craving for sausages. Decided to try karl's. great place. bought a few brats and polish sausages. will let you know how they taste. too bad they didn't have rolls for the sausages.

on the way home, got craving for sausages, so stopped by fred's for the 1st time. got the large hot dog 4.50. very tasty, crisp, good bun. didn't like putting on condiments first, rather have it on top.

I haven't been to Speeds but curious if someone has had both and what they think. I think Speeds is 7.00 for the same 1/2 lb dog! However, speeds seems to have better condiments! My gut feeling is that if you just like a hot dog with ketchup and relish, either place would be the same? plus for me, freds is much more convient!

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  1. I thought Frank's is a 1/4 lb dog? Haven't been to either yet. I actually drove to Newmarket Square today at 11:30 and found no sign of Speed. Was it too hot for him today or was I too early (or in the wrong place)?


    1. there is no comparison. Fred's franks is a great hot dog. Speeds is a life changing experience. I grill over hard wood and can make just as good a dog as Fred (no dissrespect to fred, I drove 1/2 hour for his dog) But speed does it differently. From the poaching in cider to the homemade condiments. You have to try it.
      In the end, both serve great dogs, just plain. But its what you have with it that matters too.
      Freds has the better view!


        1. Tried Fred's saturday afternoon - I'd echo gutterman's comment above. Fred is serving the platonic ideal of a backyard grilled hot dog -- great snap, excellent condiments, quality bun. Plus he said the regular (1/8 lb. Pearl) dogs were "running a little small" so he gave me two, which was pretty cool.

          But they're not even in the same league as a Speed dog, which is a transcendent eating experience. Also note: Fred's jumbo is a 1/4 lb. Pearl dog; Speed only uses 1/2 lb. Pearl dogs. (And has Speed in fact raised the price to 7 bucks? I know someone mentioned that, but I was there just a few weeks ago and they were still 6 bucks each. Maybe they went up in the interim?)

          1. The original comment has been removed